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R-3501 H-5000 Vacuum Infusion Epoxy 3:1 1.33 Gallon Kit

Model: 1130-Kit

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The R3501 Epoxy and H5000 Hardener Vacuum Infusion Epoxy Kit is a very high quality, low viscosity resin system which works perfect for the vacuum infusion process. You must use a special resin for vacuum infusion. If you try infusing the wrong type of resin you will not get the proper saturation in your laminate and you will have many air voids which cause weak spots. Also a thicker resin will not flow properly and will not flow entirely across your part. This resin was designed for use in our own production process of composite parts but due to customer request we added this product on our site for purchase. We work with a resin chemist that creates epoxies for use in OEM Ford production parts so you are getting epoxy of high caliber at a reasonable price. This epoxy is made here in the USA. Hardener is included with this resin.

Components to Resin System 2 Parts
Epoxy Part # R-3501
Epoxy Volume 1 Gallon
Epoxy Viscosity 500-900 cps
Hardener Part # H-5000
Hardener Volume 0.33 Gallons
Hardener Viscosity 20-50 cps
Epoxy Color Clear
Hardener Color Very Light Yellow
Mixed Color Clear
Mix Ratio - By Weight 100 Epoxy / 29 Hardener
Mix Ratio - By Volume 100 Epoxy / 34 Hardener
Epoxy Weight Per Gallon 9.4 Lbs
Hardener Weight Per Gallon 8.00 Lbs
Mixed Weight Per Gallon 9.05 Lbs
Gel Time @ 25° C / 77° F 35-45 Minutes (200grams)
Cure Time at 25° C / 77° F 24-36 Hours
Cure Time at 55° C / 131° F 12-15 Hours
Cured Properties   
Hardness, Shore D  78 - 82 
Compressive Modulus  195,000 - 214,000 psi 
Comprtessive Strength  8,500 - 9,300 psi 
Elongation  6.00 - 8.00% 
Tensile Modulus  183,000 - 186,000 psi 
Tensile Strength  9,500 - 10,000 psi 
Flexural Modulus  500,000 - 517,000 psi 
Flexural Strength  15,500 - 16,300 psi 
Shelf Life @ 25° C / 77° F - Epoxy 12 Months
Shelf Life @ 25° C / 77° F - Hardener 12 Months

To ensure quality results and proper curing, please make sure to use the resin shortly after purchase. This resin is also available in 5-Gal Pails, Drums and Totes.

Epoxy resin and hardener formulations have a long shelf life compared to many polymers but components may settle during storage. We recommend a visual inspection and to stir the resin as needed.

Store Epoxy resins and hardeners at room temperature (65°F- 85°F) in sealed containers until shortly before use. As with many high-performance epoxy resins, repeated exposure to low temperatures during storage (<55°F) may cause the resin to crystallize. Be aware that containers placed near outside walls or on the floor will often be at a lower temperature than the ambient conditions.

If crystallization occurs, warm the resin to 125°F for 8 hours and stir to dissolve crystals. Hardeners may form carbamation when exposed to CO2 and moisture in the atmosphere for extended periods of time. Prevent carbamation by keeping containers sealed and pump reservoirs covered until immediately prior to processing.

MSDSR-3501 Resin SDS

MSDSH-5000 Hardener SDS

TDS R-3501 H-5000 TDS

PDF Epoxy Mixing Guide

  • Model: 1130-Kit
  • Shipping Weight: 14lbs
  • 120 Units in Stock

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