Stypol 8086 CCP Infusion Polyester Resin 1 Gallon with Hardener AZOX

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    This is a polyester resin made for infusion. This resin has a very low viscosity and will solve many infusion flow problems. This is one of the easiest to use resins we have come across. This resin comes with 2 oz of AZOX hardener which will be more than you will need. This resin does have UV protection and should stand the harsh environments of years in the sun.

    This product is produced here in the USA by CCP to ensure you receive a quality product.

    This material is brown in color, however since you are infusing it, your resin layer will be so thin that you will not notice the tint of the resin. You possibly would notice on a bright solid white fabric but almost every other fabric you will not notice the color at all. This resin is rated to withstand 180° F/82.2° C.

    The appropriate amount of AZOX Hardener / Catalyst is included . Mixing instructions and measuring device are included as well.


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    8086 Infusible Polyester Resin SDS

    AZOX Hardener / Catalyst SDS

    Stypol 8086 Resin TDS

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