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Stretchlon® HT-350 High Temp Bagging Film 120″

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    Stretchlon® HT-350 is a higher temperature version of Stretchlon® 200. It can be used with all standard epoxy resin systems. The very high elongation makes this film easy to use on contour lay-ups and is an excellent choice for ply compaction. It is not recommended for autoclave processing. This film is not affected by low humidity conditions.


    Save time bagging with fewer pleats as film stretches over complex shapes.
    Avoid rework of resin rich corners by reducing bridging in corners.
    Single choice high elongation film for compaction and mid-range curing.


    The maximum use temperature is dependent upon the duration at maximum temperature and is process
    specific. When application does not require vacuum integrity for Stretchlon HT-350 it can be used for
    temperatures up to 370°F (187°C), Airtech recommends testing prior to use.

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