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Soric TF Grey 2mm Infusible Core 50″ Wide (Remnant)

SKU: R-2305-50


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1st Quality1 Yard$18.001st-quality1-yard
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Soric® TF Grey is the ideal product for the most demanding cosmetic and surface requirements. The Soric® TF Grey pattern is designed for print blocking and is suitable for infused laminates and prepreg processes. The dark color of Soric® TF Grey supports you in obtaining the black carbon fiber look.

Lantor Soric® TF

The cost effective solution for closed mould processes

Is used as core material, infusion medium and/or print blocker

Is a pressure stable polyester nonwoven and compatible with all regular types of resin, including Polyester, Vinylester, Phenolic and Epoxy

Is suitable for closed mould processes, including Infusion, RTM Light, RTM Heavy

Applications Lantor Soric® TF

Marine: hulls, decks, and structures of boats and yachts

Transportation: parts and panels of cars, trailers, trucks and RV’s

Mass transit: interior and exterior of trains, light rail and buses

Leisure: kayaks, surfboards, pools and tubs

Industrial: cladding panels, fans, containers and tanks

Wind Energy: nacelle covers and spinners

First Quality Remnants:

                First Quality Fabric Remnant Rolls are short rolls of fabric, which have no defects in them.  These remnant rolls are either left over fabric from the end of a roll, or sections of fabric which were cut at the wrong length for a specific order.  So instead of discarding the short roll, we package it up and sell it as a First Quality Remnant Roll.  These First Quality Remnant Rolls are sold at 20% off of the retail price of that fabric.

Second Quality Remnants:

                Second Quality Fabric Remnant Rolls are short rolls of fabric, which have a defect in the woven fabric in them.  These remnant rolls are cut out of the standard fabrics we sell, but from sections of the rolls that have some defects in them.  These defects make them not good to use if you want to make cosmetic parts, which have perfect woven fabric in them, but can be used as the inner layers of your parts, or if you are making small parts and can cut around the defects.  These Second Quality Remnant Rolls are sold at 25% off of the retail price of that fabric.  

                All remnant rolls are rounded DOWN to the nearest ½ yard. So a remnant listed as 0.5 yards may actually be between 18” and 35” in length and a remnant listed at 2.0 yards may actually be between 72” and 89” in length.




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