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R-3501 Vacuum Infusion Epoxy 1 Gallon

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The R3501 Epoxy and H5000-01 Hardener Vacuum Infusion Epoxy Kit is a very high quality, low viscosity resin system which works perfect for the vacuum infusion process. You must use a special resin for vacuum infusion generally requires a special resin, using the wrong type of resin you will risk the laminate not getting the proper saturation in your laminate leaving air voids and weak spots within the laminate. This resins viscosity is formulated and proven in vacuum infusion processes where a thicker resin will not flow properly and will not flow entirely across your part. This resin was designed for use in our own production process of composite parts but due to customer request we added this product on our site for purchase. This resin is provided through our network of chemist who are also known for creating epoxies for use in OEM Ford production parts. Needless to say, you are getting an epoxy system of high caliber at a reasonable price.

The kit includes .75 Gallon of R3501 Epoxy & .25 Gallon of H5000-01 Hardener providing ~40 mins of working time.

This epoxy is formulated and manufactured right here in the USA.

To ensure quality results and proper curing, please make sure to use the resin shortly after purchase. This resin is also available in 5-Gal Pails, Drums and Totes

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