PRO-SET Expanding Epoxy Foam Resin

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    This must be used with PRO-SET EXPANDING FOAM HARDENER

    Expand in place foam that, when mixed creates an in-situ closed cell epoxy foam with very uniform cell size.

    Fast cure speed hardener provides approximately 20 minutes of foaming time at 72°F (22°C). Can then be demolded in approximately 2 hours.

    Room temperature cure properties suitable for many composite components and structures.

    High performance epoxy foam will bond to FRP, metals, and low density core materials.

    High strength foam can be used as a core material or to fill cracks and gaps in concrete.

    Optimum properties will be obtained with a post cure of 160°F (71°C) for 6 hours.

    Shelf life is 12 months for resin and 12 months for hardener when properly stored1 .


    The total volume, ambient conditions, aspect ratio, and dimensions of the casting will have an effect on the expansion ratio and therefore final density. A tall vertical casting will be generally more expanded and lower density than a casting made in a thinner horizontal format. Theoretical foam volumetric expansion is 4 times original liquid volume. The actual expansion rate will range between 3 and 4 times original liquid volume. We recommend testing in the final part configuration to ensure that the cavity is completely filled, especially in a blind casting situation.

    1 Store PRO-SET Epoxy resins and hardeners at room temperature in sealed containers until shortly before use. As with many high performance epoxy resins, repeated exposure to low temperatures during storage may cause the resin to crystallize. If this occurs, warm the resin to 125° F and stir to dissolve crystals. Hardeners may form carbamation when exposed to CO2 and moisture in the atmosphere for extended periods of time. Prevent carbamation by protecting hardeners from exposure until immediately prior to processing.

    Test specimens were neat epoxy (without fiber reinforcement).

    Typical values, not to be construed as specification.

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    2 hours at room temperature

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