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Premium Compressor/Vacuum Pump Rotary Vane 1/4 HP

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    This premium Gast pump is a step above our starter pump that comes in the beginner kits. Our Gast line of pumps are made to withstand the high stresses of continual use and are also oil-less which has no smoke and requires minimal maintenance.

    If you are serious about vacuum bagging/infusion and will be working on projects regularly, we would suggest one of our two premium Gast pumps.

    Ideal for general continuous-duty vacuum and low-pressure applications. Has an international multivoltage, dual-frequency motor that can operate at 100-115200-208-230V 50 Hz. If 50 Hz is used, deduct 17% from cfm Ratings.

    • Permanently lubricated and sealed bearings
    • Self-adjusting, self-lubricating vanes

    Note: This pump must be electrically hard wired.

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