Non Porous Teflon Coated Release Film with Silicone Adhesive 39.37″/100cm width Thickness .007″/.18mm

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ADHESIVE BACKED NON-POROUS TEFLON COATED RELEASE FILM is a light weight extra smooth TFE coated glass fabric. It is applied onto desired surfaces such as plastic, metal or worn out composite tools to create a releasable surface that prevents resin from sticking. Since this material is used as the surface of the part/tool you are able to use this material with all manufacturing processes such as hand layup, vacuum bagging, infusion, RTM, compression molding, and autoclave. Thickness is .007″ /.18mm.

This item is listed by the linear yard, which is 36″ long by the 39.37″ width. If you purchase a qty of 2, you will receive one continuous piece of fabric 72″x39.37″ and so on. We will leave the fabric in one continuous piece.

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