Non Porous Teflon Coated Peel Ply 40″/101.6cm width Thickness .004″/ .11mm

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    NON-POROUS TEFLON COATED PEEL PLY is a light weight extra smooth TFE coated glass fabric. It will leave little or no fabric imprint on most composite lay-ups. It is used as a release fabric where there is no requirement for bleeding or breathing resin from the composite lay-up. This fabric is for release only. In use on a composite part, it will tend to hold all the resin within the composite matrix during cure. The surface of the composite part will retain it’s resin content and tend to have a very high gloss sheen to the surface area. This material is usually used with prepreg so you can control the resin content in your parts. Since this will not allow resin to pass through, it will not work with infusion. Thickness is .004″/.11mm

    This item is listed by the linear yard, which is 36″ long by the 40″ width. If you purchase a qty of 2, you will receive one continuous piece of fabric 72″x40″ and so on. We will leave the fabric in one continuous piece.

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