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HYPETEX Titanium Colored Carbon Fiber 2×2 Twill 3k 50in/125cm 7.23oz/245gsm (Remnant)

SKU: R-4447-50

NOTE: This fabric is stiff and will be very difficult to bend around complex shapes or hard corners. This fabric is best used for flat plates and elongated curves. There is a possibility of color variation on these materials.

NOTE: In comparison to other Hypetex® fabrics, this material is very drapable and easily bends around complex shapes or hard corners.

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TITANIUM fabric has a cyan-blue/silver shade with a Pantone matching code of 877c.

Hypetex® is a 245gsm twill carbon that is better at maintaining its fabric stability and less potential stress.

• Outstanding visual quality for cosmetic parts.
• Excellent fiber alignment and flat weft yarn insertion.
• Ideal for prepreg and infusion processes.

The carbon fiber industry is set for an injection of color following the official launch of Hypetex, the world’s first colored carbon fiber brand.

Hypetex® coloring technologies are optimized for either thermoset or
thermoplastic matrix systems, and are mechanically characterized to aid structural optimization. All our materials are quality assured to the highest industry standards.

Hypetex® technologies use water based resins and nano pigments that puts color onto the composite at the point of production, removing the need for expensive paints or coatings. The result is a colorful premium aesthetic part straight from the mold, reducing post processing costs and offering a more environmentally friendly coloring solution.

After seven years of research and development, leading engineers from the world of Formula 1 have created a colored carbon fiber composite that is light, bright, bold and strong, making it an ideal material for use in a number of industries from motoring and motor sport to cycling and design.

We supply a wide spectrum of visually stunning colored advanced technical materials which offer the additional benefits of reduced part finishing time, costs and the extra weight of paint systems.

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