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Fundamentals of Mold Making – The Custom Creation

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    This DVD product will teach you how to develop production molds that can be used to create unique composite parts from scratch using carbon fiber and exquisite hybrid fabrics. These videos feature many of Composite Envisions’ specialty fabrics from Carbon/Zylon Hybrids to our Reflections line of materials. We also carry all the materials and tools used in these videos to help you get going on your projects immediately.

    Approximate Run Time 60 min

    Comprehensive DVD Training

    Part of the CARBON FIBER MASTER SERIES, “Fundamentals of Mold Making – The Custom Creation” is a complete course on mold creation that details every phase of the process.You’ll gain all the knowledge and skills needed to create a full production female part mold and begin producing light weight carbon fiber parts from scratch. You’ll learn how to create a completely original part starting with the creation of a template, which you’ll then convert into a plug, that plug will allow you to produce a master mold that you’ll use to make the final female part mold. Once the part mold is completed you can produce an unlimited number of exact duplicates of your custom part for years to come.

    This course will also discuss development strategies, including analysis and problem solving techniques needed when laying up extreme fabrics. It also demonstrates how to modify a master mold to improve part quality. This comprehensive course will examine every tool, material, and procedure used to execute this project, and includes details on proper mold design, surface development, vacuum bagging, and layup procedures. We’ve also included many of our in-house techniques that make layup, trimming, and finishing parts simple and straightforward.

    This course contains everything you’ll need to design, build, and refine molds capable of producing light weight carbon fiber and composite parts that you’ve designed and the information and techniques demonstrated will provide you with the skills and confidence needed to bring those custom projects to life.

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