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Frekote FMS Industrial Mold Sealer

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    Frekote FMS Industrial Mold Sealer. This is one of the best mold sealers available. This is able to be used for hand layup, vacuum bagging, vacuum infusion, RTM, Autoclave etc. This sealer is the same sealer we use in our facility to produce our Plates & Veneer Sheets. Based on our experience following the instructions below, we find Frekote FMS Sealer easy to use, wipe on, wipe off. No buffing required like the waxes. We use this product applied first, in conjuction with Frekote 700-NC Release agent to be used as the second step of protection. Shelf Life is about nine months.

    FREKOTE FMS mold sealer application instructions

    Mold Preparation: The mold surface must be clean and free of any release agent or other contaminants for FREKOTE FMS to be completely effective. Remove any contaminants with a suitable cleaning solvent. Light industrial abrasives can be used to remove heavy resin build-up, do not use any grit higher than what the tool has been prepared to.

    Only a thin wet film is required. Wipe on a smooth, thin, continuous, wet film (Low lint Paper towel or microfiber is a good application method). Avoid wiping over the same area that was just coated until the solvent has evaporated (Making sure not to miss any areas during the application). It is suggested that small areas be coated working progressively from one side of the mold to the other. Only work in a few square feet at one time until you are comfortable working with this product. Within seconds of applying the FREKOTE FMS, the solvents will evaporate and the applied area should be wiped clean with a lint free microfiber cloth. We recommend applying FREKOTE FMS in a four step process. 1) Apply the FREKOTE FMS in an up and down motion, 2) Apply side to side, 3) Apply at a 45 degree angle, 4) Apply at a -45 degree angle. By doing this it will ensure that any areas missed will be covered in one or more of the four step coating process.

    When Applying these 4 or more base coats of FREKOTE FMS, allow several minutes after each application for complete solvent evaporation (work on another section of the mold in the meantime). The film should be dry and not feel tacky (If the mold feels tacky it’s a sign that you have applied way too much of the product or you are not wiping the mold good enough after the solvents are evaporating.

    Flammability/ Storage: FREKOTE FMS contains flammable solvents. The product should always be used in well ventilated areas. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep container tightly closed when not in use.

    This item is in stock but due to short shelf life, this product may be shipped direct from the manufacturer. This may add 1-3 business days to lead time.

    This item is flammable and can only be shipped by ground.

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    Frekote Mold Release Solutions Guide 6th Edition

    Frekote FMS Sealer Industrial Mold Release SDS

    Frekote FMS Sealer Industrial Mold Release TDS


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    Frekote Mold Release Solutions Guide 6th Edition

    Frekote FMS Sealer Industrial Mold Release SDS

    Frekote FMS Sealer Industrial Mold Release TDS

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