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    High Bio-Based Content Epoxy Laminating Resin

    BioPoxy 36 is a two-component epoxy system developed for wet layup and wet bagging composite lamination. The system cures at room temperature and is suitable for manufacturing composite parts and non-critical structures.

    BioPoxy 36 will wet out and bond to carbon fiber, fiberglass, and natural fibers. Used as directed with EcoPoxy GelCoat, BioPoxy 36 is part of a complete system for composite fabrication.

    BioPoxy 36 is compatible with expanded polystyrene foam cores and suited to composite repairs, such as core bonding and lamination.

    Used to Create

    • High Bio-Based Carbon Content Composite Parts
    • Durable, Room Temperature Cured Composite Repairs


    Ideal for Composite Manufacturing – Designed for wet layup and wet bagging composite manufacturing processes, Biopoxy 36 provides inherent chemical resistance.

    Highly Versatile – With its high adhesion properties, BioPoxy 36 is compatible with carbon fiber, fiberglass, and natural fiber reinforcements, as well as a variety of core materials, including expanded polystyrene foam. It is suited to composite repair work, such as core bonding and lamination.

    User-Friendly – Together, EcoPoxy GelCoat and BioPoxy 36®, form a high bio-based carbon content composite laminating system. Alternatively, GelCoat is also compatible with other polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy composite laminates, making it ideal for production and repair.


    BioPoxy® 36 is formulated to have a 4:1 resin to hardener mix ratio by volume. Deviation from the mix ratio can result in lower mechanical properties or incomplete cure.

    Mix Ratio by Volume – 4:1

    Mix Ratio by Mass – 4.3:1


    BioPoxy® 36 is a thermosetting resin and will generate heat as it cures. Reactivity level is a qualitative indicator of the rate of reaction and temperature of the resin system’s cure. Gel time is the point at which the mixed resin gels or becomes so viscous that it can no longer be worked. Peak exotherm is the maximum temperature observed during cure, and Time to peak exotherm is the length of time between initial mixing and observation of the peak exotherm temperature. The reactivity of the resin system can be affected by factors such as part thickness, the temperature of resin and hardener before mixing, ambient conditions, and the ability of the mold to release heat.


    Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated location out of direct sunlight. Protect from freezing and physical damage. Do not store in a location subject to frequent temperature changes as the product may crystallize. Use product as soon as possible after opening. If storing remainder of product for another project, keep container tightly closed.

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