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Deep Set Epoxy – River Table/Thick Casting Epoxy Resin & Hardener Kit

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    Our river table epoxy resin and hardener kit are the perfect way to create an extremely durable clear, high gloss finished product. This deep set epoxy is an industrial-grade product designed to have a very long cure time. The special formulation allows for the epoxy to be mixed in large batches required for pouring in river tables.

    Deep Set Epoxy is a 2 part system mixed at a 2:1 ratio by volume and provides a 24-30 hour gel-time for maximum workability and proper time for air bubbles to evacuate.

    Kit Sizes Available

    3 Quart Kit = 1/2 Gallon Resin Part A 1 Quart Hardener Part B.

    1.5 Gallon Kit = 1 Gallon Resin Part A 1/2 Gallon Hardener Part B.

    Applications :

    • Encapsulation/Preservation of objects
    • River Tables
    • Artwork
    • Casting Applications
    • General use applications which require long working times
    • Bar Tops
    • Countertops
    • And more….

    Key Features:

    • 100% Solids
    • Clear, High Gloss
    • Self-Leveling
    • Extremely Durable
    • Excellent Air Release Qualities
    • Excellent Color Stability
    • Impact Resistant
    • Low Heat Buildup
    • Thick Casting Allowances

    Add one of our Colored Pigments to change the color and sheen of the material

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    Deep Set Epoxy - River Table Casting Epoxy TDS

    Deep Set Epoxy Resin SDS

    Deep Set Epoxy Hardener SDS

    Epoxy Mixing Guide

    2389/2390 Deep Set Table Thick Casting Data Sheet

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