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You can now get custom tubes made to match all of those beautiful fabrics we carry. From different carbon fiber patterns, dyed fiberglass, colored Kevlar, aluminized fiberglass and even the reflections material can be turned into tubing to match your needs. All tubing is custom made to order and will need to be quoted per job. Any size of tube can be created and there are plenty of mandrels available from small to large and even tapered. These tubes are built to a spec that is a general purpose tubing which is affordable. If you need engineered tubing for special torsion loads or to meet specific deflection ratings then contact us and these would need to be engineered.

Here is a breakdown of the process or what is needed to fulfill a custom tube order.

Step 1: Check out our massive selection of composite materials and select the fabric of choice. Almost all of our materials can be made into a tube but there will be a few exceptions.

All of the tubes are made with a T-700 or equivalent UNI Carbon Fiber Core

Step 2: Figure out the Inside Dimensions (I.D.) , and Outside Dimensions (O.D.) needed for the job. The wall thickness will be OD minus ID then divide that by 2. Example 10mm ID, 20mm OD leaves a 5mm wall thickness.

Step 3: Check out our mandrel list of already available molds. You will only be looking for the correct ID at this time. If you see we have a mandrel available then the pricing will be best. The more mandrels available means we could have the tubes produced faster.

Mandrels are available in the following:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Tapered (round with larger ID on one end)

If you see we have a mandrel that is the correct ID and long enough for your application then we are OK to move on. If you do not see the mandrel available, we would have to custom make the mandrel so this would have to be quoted out. Pricing will depend on size. The larger the mandrel diameter and longer the length, the higher the price will be as more material and time will be needed to produce it.

Step 4: Select Finish of Tubes – The following finishes are available.

  • Glossy
  • Matte
  • Cello Wrap (slightly glossy with ribs left on from production process)
  • Clear Coated with Transparent Colors (Red, Blue, Green, Gold) – Works best with silver aluminized fiberglass tubing

Step 5: Provide Qty needed. Custom tubing is usually done at a minimum of 50pcs. Smaller qty can be done but pricing increases quite a bit as there is more waste.

Lead times will vary depending on many factors but custom tubing has many steps from prepregging fabrics to setting up mandrels. Usual lead times are 4-8 weeks for custom runs.


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