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Composite Workshop Solutions – Fabricators Essentials

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    This instructional DVD will teach how to master the essential skills and techniques needed to work with composite materials like carbon fiber, epoxy resins, vacuum bagging and more.

    Comprehensive DVD Training

    Run Time Approx. 67 min

    Part of the Carbon Fiber Classroom Series, “Composite Workshop Solutions : Fabricators Essentials” is a complete composite workshop reference that will provide you with the essential knowledge you’ll need to master the complex world of composites. It includes detailed instruction, information and demonstrations on a wide variety of both basic and advanced materials and concepts that will have a drastic influence on the overall quality of your parts.

    We’ll start with the subject of resins and provide in-depth examination of this critical element. They are by far the most complex component in a composite, and one that requires a solid understanding of important concepts like viscosity, exothermic reactions, and cure time. We’ll also take a detailed look at the other cornerstone in a composite which is fabric. We’ll explain the critical elements that influence fabric selection like tow size, fiber type, drape-ability, and weight. Each of these qualities will have a significant impact on the success of your project.

    Another important aspect of composite fabrication is a proper work-space. You’ll learn about the 3 main tasks an effective work area must accommodate and highlight the importance of adequate ventilation. We’ll cover the essential tools you might need, and examine the process of vacuum consolidation in detail, through a series of demonstrations that will illustrate the advantages, limitations, and dangers you might encounter when using the power of atmospheric pressure to reduce weight, improve quality, and produce a stronger part.

    The final subject that will be covered is also the most important: Safety. Fire hazards, corrosive chemicals and poisonous fumes are just a few of the potential dangers found in composite fabrication, so we’ll provide you with knowledge you’ll need to protect yourself.

    So whether you’re new to composites, a casual hobbyist, or an experienced fabricator, there’s sure to be valuable information and demonstrations that will improve your knowledge of this complex subject, and allow you to take your projects to the next level.

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