Composite Envisions Infusion Epoxy Slow Cure Kit

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    Our CE Infusion Epoxy is the next generation of our house brand epoxy system that has been custom formulated for use in resin infusion and VARTM processes. This Slow Cure Infusion Epoxy system was formulated to provide for rapid saturation of carbon fiber laminate, fiberglass and Kevlar, while also allowing for maximum open time. Processability parameters are enhanced due to the infusion epoxies low mixed viscosity and wet-out potential. This system is not designed for use in open mold applications. Improving on an already great formula this infusion epoxy has added benefits such as extensive testing and enhanced physical properties. One notable property is the increased Heat Deflection Temperature with our Slow hardener system reaching 183° F with an initial room temp cure and proper post cure.

    A list of all notable features of this resin system are below.

    • High TG (up to 183° F with Slow hardener & proper post cure)
    • Ultra Clear System
    • Enhanced Degassing Properties
    • Low Viscosity
    • No hazmat fees on small kits.
    • Adjustable Speed – Can blend slow, medium and fast hardeners to create a speed that fits your process.
    • Extensive material testing with enhanced data sheets

    This is very user friendly system which will provide the results needed to produce high end composite parts that not only look good, but have the structural properties to back it. This epoxy is made here in the USA. Hardener is included with this resin and each part is available separately. This system was formulated and small kits are packaged in a manner that now avoids the expensive HAZMAT fees the carriers charge.

    Handling Properties
    RESIN VISCOSITY, cP 1,044 ASTM D 2196
    RESIN DENSITY, lb./gal 9.49 ASTM D 792
    HARDENER DENSITY, lb./gal 7.80 ASTM D 792
    COLOR Clear
    DENSITY, lb./gal 9.04 ASTM D 792
    MIX RATIO, pbv (pbw) 3/1 (3.65/1)
    GEL TIME (200g), min 450 ASTM D 2471
    WORKING TIME*, min 210

    *The working time varies according to the temperature of the air, the epoxy and the surface to which it is applied.

    Note: Above viscosities/densities measured @ 77°F.

    Cure Cycle: 24 hours @ Room Temperature + 8 hours @ 180°F. Test specimens for above were neat epoxy (without fiber reinforcement).

    The storage temperature of Slow Infusion Epoxy will greatly affect the ease of mixing, application and curing time. For best results, Slow Infusion Epoxy should be stored at (60-80 °F or 16-27 °C) for at least 24 hours before use. Mix RESIN WITH (hardener) for 3 minutes using a Jiffy Mixer and a slow speed drill. Mix at slow speed (less than 500 rpm) to avoid air entrapment. When adding part B to part A, be sure to scrape the sides of the hardener (part B) container in order to remove all of the hardener. This is essential to maintain proper mix ratio. DO NOT mix more material than can be used within the stated working time. REMEMBER – you will have less working time at higher temperatures


    Avoid breathing of vapors. Forced local exhaust is recommended to effectively minimize exposure. NIOSH approved, organic vapor respirators and forced exhaust are recommended in confined areas, or when conditions (such as heated polymers, sanding) may cause high vapor concentrations. DO NOT WELD ON, BURN OR TORCH ON OR NEAR, ANY EPOXY MATERIAL. HAZARDOUS VAPOR IS RELEASED WHEN AN EPOXY IS BURNED.

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