Carbon Fiber Part Wrapping Kit w Clear Epoxy (Fabric Not Included)

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    Selecting materials for wrapping/covering existing parts in carbon fiber just got easier with our pre-made kits. You can also use these kits to produce parts entirely from carbon fiber as well. These kits include all of the materials you need to cover your parts except for the Reinforcement Fabric. This allows you the option to select fabrics different than those that are offered in our other Part Wrapping Kits. We do recommend that you choose a fabric in the 5oz – 9oz weight range because these fabrics offer the most conformability to your parts. You will receive the materials listed below with the kit. We have 3 different kit sizes available to fit your needs.

    Please note the Composite Reinforcement Fabric is NOT INCLUDED but can be purchased separately in the Composite Fabrics category of our site.

    Line Item Model Description Small Kit Medium Kit Large Kit
    1 N/A Recommended Amount of Composite Fabric needed (NOT INCLUDED) Yard (50″x36″) 2 Yards (50″x72″) 3 Yards (50″x108″)
    2 1159-Gallon|1160-1/2_Gallon-Kit 2:1 Thin Epoxy Resin with Hardener 48oz Kit (1 Qt epoxy with 16oz hardener) 96oz Kit (1/2 Gal epoxy with 1 Qt hardener) 144oz (3 Qt epoxy with 1.5 Qt hardener)
    3 667 Black Pigment for Basecoat 1 oz 1 oz 1 oz
    4 496 Partall Paste #2 Wax 24 oz 24 oz 24 oz
    5 409 Nitrile Gloves Disposable 8 pair 8 pair 8 pair
    6 966 4″ Spreader 3 pcs 3 pcs 3 pcs
    7 402 Measuring Cup 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs
    8 1143 Epoxy Mixing Tub with Measurements 16oz 3 pcs 3 pcs 3 pcs
    9 1997-1″ Bristle Brush 1″ 3 pcs 3 pcs 3 pcs
    10 952 Mixing Sticks 6 pcs 6 pcs 6 pcs
    11 Basic Instruction Guide 1 pc 1 pc 1 pc

    All of these items in the kit are available for purchase individually in our store. If you run out of a certain material all items in this can can be purchased separately.

    This resin uses a 2:1 hardener. Mixing 2 parts epoxy to 1 part hardener will give you the appropriate final mixture.

    The 2:1 hardener has a pot life of 35-40 minutes at 80° F, set time of 5-6 hours and a drying time of 24-48 hours. This epoxy is NON-blushing.

    This is considered to be a slow hardener, Our 3:1 and 4:1 hardener epoxies will cure much faster. However this 2:1 hardener will provide you with the maximum working time possible and should not be used in temps under 70° F unless a very long curing time is needed. Slow hardener should be used at temperatures above 80° F for optimal overnight curing.

    ALL KIT photos are of small size kits. Kit items of equal or like value may be substituted based on inventory and availability.

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    Part Wrapping Kit Instructions

    Epoxy Mixing Guide


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