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Balkore EG Balsa End Grain Plain Sheet Core Material

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    BALKORE EG is an industrial structural material produced with kiln dried balsa wood planks glued into blocks and then cross cut sliced into panels of the desired thickness.

    The end grain configuration and the honeycomb cell structure of Balsa wood gives to this material a unique and strong bond to most resins and materials used by the composite materials industry. The resulting sandwich structures have very high ratios of weight to mechanical resistance properties.

    The EG panels are compatible with all resins commonly used by the composite industry, has good fire and chemical resistance properties. Depending on the final use, it is available rigid or flexible. To reduce the resin absortion, the product can be coated with a sealant to reduce porosity and improve bond strength.

    *Note: Oversized Shipping Charges May Apply.

    Due to the large size of these panels shipping weight is based on dimensional weight, not actual weight which results in a shipping weight that is greater than the actual weight of the product.

    This product is available in .25″ and .5″ thicknesses and panel sizes of Packs of 4 24″x48″, Packs of 2 48″x48″ and single 48″x96″


    – High mechanical esistance properties compared to weight
    – Eco-friendly product
    – It can be exposed to a broad range of temperatures without affecting its performance or physical structure
    – Very good insulating properties
    – High impact resistance


    – Marine industry, boat hulls and decks
    – Wind power, blades, nacell structure, flooring,
    – Material handling, pallets, containers
    – Sporting goods, long surf boards, snow boards, skis
    – Aircraft and railroad coaches, floor, internal partitions, cargo pallets
    – Industrial applications, storage tanks, bridge structures,


    – Vacuum infusion
    – Mould injection
    – Molding, hand, spray, compression,
    – Compatible to all composite processing methods

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