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Airtech Flashbreaker 1 Tape

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    Flashbreaker® tapes are high temperature/ high tensile strength polyester films coated with a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive for oven or autoclave cures up to 400°F (204°C).  Flashbreaker® pressure sensitive tapes are used for multi-purpose functions in metal bond and composites, such as holding down vacuum bagging materials, thermocouple wires, masking-off, chem-milling protection or in riveting shops. Flashbreaker® tapes remove easily after cure.

    Available in 1″ and 2″ wide tapes 72 yards in length.


    • Flashbreaker tapes can control bond lines and make removal of resin flash easier, reducing clean up effort.
    • Fix position of consumable materials to avoid process errors and improve part quality.
    • High visibility orange color makes removal easier to inspect and reduces risk of leaving tape in place.


    • Product comes on plastic core, helping to reduce FOD in a clean room environment.
    • The maximum use temperature is dependent upon the duration at maximum temperature and is process specific, We recommend testing prior to use.

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