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Airhold 1 CBS Hi-Temp Double-Backed Holding Tape 36 yards

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    Airhold 1 CBS Hi-Temp Double-Backed Holding Tape 36 yards is an all-purpose, high temperature double-backed holding tape. Airhold 1 CBS is a 0.0005 inch polyester film coated on both sides with a non-silicone adhesive.

    This tape is available in 1″ or 2″ widths.


    Airhold 1 CBS is designed to hold secondary bonded details, release plys, release films and breathers in place during layup and vacuum bagging operations. Airhold 1 CBS is also ideal for holding down low density honeycomb and foam core during machining operations. Airhold 1 CBS leaves very little residue which can be removed with common shop solvents. Airhold 1 CBS can also be used to replace aerosol contact adhesives and works well on inclined tool surfaces.

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