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614-079 Duratec White Quick Leveling Topcoat (Past Shelf Life)

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The Duratec Quick-Leveling Topcoat provides a terrific high-build coating for exposed laminate.  Resistance to common engine space products such as transmission fluid or brake fluid assures that laminate is protected from common marine chemicals. As a laminate coating, the topcoat seals and protects laminate from water and UV, preventing breakdown of the structural resin.

Safety and Handling

Duratec Quick Leveling Topcoat is extremely flammable. Do Not apply near sparks, open flames or heat. Keep area ventilated. Do Not smoke. Avoid continuous breathing of vapor. Duratec Quick Leveling Topcoat contains ingredients which could be harmful if mishandled. Contact with skin and eyes should be avoided and necessary protective equipment and clothing should be worn. Individuals should wash with soap and water before eating or drinking. All containers should be properly labeled to prevent accidental ingestion or improper disposal. Individuals should reseal any partly used material back in the container. Store under cool, dry conditions and away from open flames and high temperatures. For more detailed instructions on storage, please see the SDS sheet.

Please view the Technical Data Sheet and Application Guide below for information on cure times, application methods and equipment needed to properly use this material.


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Technical Data Sheet and Application Guide


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