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PRO-SET LAM-125 Low Viscosity Laminating Resin

Model: 1776

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This listing is for PRO-SET LAM-125 Laminating Resin only. You will need to select the appropriate PRO-SET Laminating Hardener from one of the hardeners listed below.

PRO-SET LAM-224 Fast Laminating Hardener - Pot Life: 13 min*
PRO-SET LAM-226 Medium Laminating Hardener - Pot Life: 52-59 min*
PRO-SET LAM-229 Slow Laminating Hardener - Pot Life: 93-100 min* 
PRO-SET LAM-237 Extra-Slow Laminating Hardener - Pot Life: 128-163 min* 
PRO-SET LAM-239 Extended Open Time Laminating Hardener - Pot Life: 165-250 min* 
PRO-SET LAM-251-HT High-Temp Laminating Hardener - Pot Life: 164-253 min*

*Pot Life is calculated using 150g @ 77°F (25°C)
** If any of the above links do not take you to a product listing, it would indicate that product is not in stock.


PRO-SET Laminating Epoxies are a versatile system of liquid resins and hardeners designed to meet a wide range of wet lay-up laminating applications.



Any Standard PRO-SET Laminating resin may be combined with any PRO-SET Laminating hardener to create a "custom" epoxy blend. PRO-SET Laminating hardeners range from fast to extra slow and may be blended to provide even greater versatility with your custom processes.

Choose resin by viscosity and hardener by speed. To simplify the choice, Standard PRO-SET Laminating resins and hardeners are priced the same (except for High-Temp).

Use PRO-SET Laminating Epoxies to produce lightweight, high-performance composite structures that will withstand long-term cyclic loading in the harshest environments. These epoxies bond to core materials, wood, metal and all reinforcing fabrics. They offer excellent moisture resistance, toughness and superior resistance to heat and fatigue. PRO-SET Laminating Epoxies develop excellent physical properties at room temperature and may be post-cured for enhanced performance.

Laminating Epoxies can by dyed, upon request, to provide for visual quality control. A yellow dye in the resin and a blue dye in the hardener, when properly metered and thoroughly mixed, will result in a consistent shade of green.

LAM Resin Selection

Property Standard Units LAM-125 Resin1 LAM-135 Resin1 LAM-145 Resin1 LAM-151-HT Resin2
Mix Ratio by Volume   R:H 3:1 3:1 3:1 3:1
Mix Ratio by Weight   R:H ~3.5:1 ~3.5:1 ~3.5:1 ~3.7:1
Mixed Viscosity @ 77°F (25°C) ASTM D2196 cP 514-754 1048-1544 1420-2059 1500
Mixed Density @ 72°F (22°C)   lb/gal (g/cc) 9.78(1.15) 9.74(1.16) 9.74(1.16) 9.45(1.13)
Shear Thinning Index RPM Rotation ASTM D2196     1.37  
Compression Yield ASTM D695 psi (MPa) ~14,200(96) ~14,800(101) ~14,800(101) ~16,300(112)
Tensile Strength ASTM D638 psi (MPa) ~10,200(70) ~11,000(74) ~11,000(74) ~9,240(64)
Tensile Modulus ASTM D638 psi (GPa) ~4.49E+05(3.19) ~4.51E+05(3.19) ~4.51E+05(3.19) ~4.14E+05(2.85)
Tensile Elongation ASTM D638 % ~6.2 ~6.1 ~6.1 ~3.8
Flexural Strength ASTM D790 psi (MPa) ~18,500(124) ~19,700(128) ~19,700(128) ~15,200(105)
Flexural Modulus ASTM D790 psi (GPa) ~4.53E+05(3.12) ~4.69E+05(3.03) ~4.69E+05(3.03) ~3.84E+05(2.65)
Tg Ultimate via DMA2 ASTM E16403 °F (°C) >193(99) >216(102) >216(102) 357(181)
Tg Ultimate via DSC with INF-251-HT Hardener2 ASTM E16403 °F (°C) 275(135) 288(142) 288(142) 346(175)

1Average of properties for combinations with LAM-224, LAM-229, LAM-237 and LAM-239 Hardeners.
2LAM-151-HT Resin/LAM-251-HT Hardener cured @ 140°F(60°C) x 2 hours + 302°F(150°C) x 4 hours.
3 Additional post cure may be required; contact the Gougeon Technical Staff for details.
4 1 HZ, 3°C per minute

Typical Physical Properties Comparison Guide
Test specimens are cured at room temperature to gelation and 180°F (82°C) for eight hours, unless otherwise noted. Neat epoxy samples are used for testing. See Resin/Hardener Technical Data Sheet for exact values. Typical values, not to be construed as specifications.

Epoxy resin and hardener formulations have a long shelf life compared to many polymers. The minimum shelf life for the standard INF and LAM products is 3 years for resins and 2 years for hardeners (with the exception of LAM-251-HT). The minimum shelf life for LAM-251-HT and all ADV resins and hardeners is 18 months. Components of PRO-SET LAM-145 may settle during storage. We recommend a visual inspection and to stir the resin as needed.

Store PRO-SET Epoxy resins and hardeners at room temperature (65°F- 85°F) in sealed containers until shortly before use. As with many high-performance epoxy resins, repeated exposure to low temperatures during storage (<55°F) may cause the resin to crystallize. Be aware that containers placed near outside walls or on the floor will often be at a lower temperature than the ambient conditions.

If crystallization occurs, warm the resin to 125°F for 8 hours and stir to dissolve crystals. Hardeners may form carbamation when exposed to CO2 and moisture in the atmosphere for extended periods of time. Prevent carbamation by keeping containers sealed and pump reservoirs covered until immediately prior to processing.


TDSPRO-SET LAM-125 Epoxy with LAM-224 Hardener TDS
TDSPRO-SET LAM-125 Epoxy with LAM-226 Hardener TDS
TDSPRO-SET LAM-125 Epoxy with LAM-229 Hardener TDS
TDSPRO-SET LAM-125 Epoxy with LAM-237 Hardener TDS
TDSPRO-SET LAM-125 Epoxy with LAM-239 Hardener TDS
TDSPRO-SET LAM-125 Epoxy with LAM-251-HT Hardener TDS

 PDF Epoxy Mixing Guide

  • Model: 1776
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  • Manufactured by: PRO-SET

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