PRO-SET INF-213 Extra-Slow Infusion Hardener


This listing is for PRO-SET INF-213 Hardener Only. You will need to purchase PRO-SET Epoxy INF-114 to use with this hardener.

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PRO-SET Infusion Epoxies are super low viscosity systems with a range of hardeners to meet the demands of modern infusion processes.



PRO-SET Infusion Epoxies accommodate a vast range of process needs with a single resin and four hardeners. PRO-SET Infusion hardeners range from fast to extra slow, and may be blended to provide even greater versatility with your custom processes.

Choose resin by viscosity and hardener by speed.

Infusion Epoxies Hardeners may be blended for targeted cure time. Infusion process PRO-SET Infusion Epoxies result in lightweight, high performance composites that will withstand long term cyclic loading in the harshest environments. PRO-SET Infusion Epoxies develop excellent physical properties at room temperature and may be post-cured to further enhance performance.

Infusion Epoxies can be dyed, upon request, to provide for visual quality control. A yellow dye in the resin and a blue dye in the hardener, when properly metered and thoroughly mixed, will result in a consistent shade of green.

INF Hardener Selection

Property Standard INF-210 Hardener INF-211 Hardener INF-212 Hardener INF-213 Hardener INF-251-HT Hardener1
150g Pot Life @ 77°F (25°C) ASTM D2471 27 min 122 min 185 min 262 min 380 min
500g Pot Life @ 77°F (25°C) ASTM D2471 25 min 85 min 132 min 157 min 283 min
Approx. working time @ 77°F (25°C)   75-90 min 3-4 hr 6-7 hr 10 hr 12 hr

Hardeners can be blended for intermediate cure times
1 1 Not to be blended with other hardeners.


TDSPRO-SET INF-114 Epoxy with INF-213 Hardener TDS

PDF Epoxy Mixing Guide