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PREPREG Clear Surfacing Film 2.88oz weight 50" 25 yards 250° F Cure

Model: F-1841

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This Resin film is made to be placed on the surface of the molds to give a resin rich surface for a class A high gloss finish on your parts. Having a resin rich surface will give you a better looking part cosmetically as well as give you an opportunity to further sand/finish your part without sanding into the fibers and ruining the structural integrity of the parts. This epoxy is the same epoxy that is used in our other 250° F cure prepregs so you have a complete system that is compatible together. To use this material just cut to shape, pull off the plastic liner, place in mold, place layers of prepreg reinfocment down, vacuum bag the material down and ramp up the heat to 250° F for one hour and your part is done.

This product is 50" wide and sold in 25 yard segments. We do not sell this by the cut yard because it is stored in a freezer and must stay frozen to comply with shelf life requirements. 

This product is a DROP SHIP ONLY item and can take up to 3 weeks to ship.

Shelf Life/Storage 

  • 0° F (standard freezer) - 1 Year
  • 40° F (standard fridge) - six months
  • 72° F (room temp) - 30 days.

It is suggested to store at 0° F or below to provide a longer shelf life. If you plan to use material faster, then you can store at a warmer temp to shorten the time it takes to get material to room temperature.

Cure time: Here is the cure schedule for a typical laminate (3-5 layers thick). On thicker laminates, you may want to slow the ramp time and hold the dwell time longer to ensure even heating throughout the part. Thermocouples on part will help you know actual part temperature and can speed up the curing process if needed.


  • Dwell at 100deg F for 15min
  • Ramp Up to 150deg F @ rate of 3deg F/min
  • Dwell at 150deg F for 30 min
  • Ramp Up to 200deg F @ rate of 3deg F/min
  • Dwell at 200deg F for 30 min
  • Ramp Up to 250deg F @ rate of 3deg F/min
  • Dwell at 250deg F for 1 Hour
  • Ramp Down to 200deg F @ rate of 3deg F/min
  • Dwell at 200deg F for 30 min
  • Ramp Down to 150deg F @ rate of 3deg F/min
  • Dwell at 150deg F for 30 min
  • Ramp Down to 100deg F @ rate of 3deg F/min
  • Finish

Application: Remove material from cold storage at least 20 hours prior to use so the material stabilizes at room temp. Keep the material wrapped to prevent moisture from condensing on the adhesive. Cut prepreg to the correct size, remove poly film from one side and apply to part or mold. Then remove the backing paper. Now apply your desired layers of reinforcement materials. When your lay-up is finished, you need to cure the material in a vacuum bag placed inside an oven or autoclave. Apply at least 10psi of pressure and 250° F for one hour.

Caution: This material contains epoxy resins and amines which may cause irritation to sensitive skin. Avoid contact with eyes or skin. If contact with skin occurs, wash as soon as possible with soap and water. If contact with eyes occurs, flush with water for 15 minutes. Do not handle or use this material until Material Safety Data Sheet has been read and understood. The user of this material is required to use the necessary protective equipment as directed by applicable state and federal laws when handling, curing, and grinding this material.

Shipping: This material should be shipped expedited airmail. Due to a short shelf life at room temp we suggest shipping this material via an expedited service such as UPS Overnight. This is a guaranteed service.  If our minimum suggested shipping method is not chosen, we will not be held responsible for issues with material.

Custom Prepreg Options

We can have almost any of our fabrics pre-impregnated for you. Please email us for more details. We have systems that can cure at various temps from 200° F to 350° F. We can do a max width of 60". Lead times are usually 2-3 weeks for custom prepreg. We can do single side or double sided prepreg, vary the resin % in the cloth and vary the tack level of the material.

MSDSPrepreg Carbon Fiber MSDS

  • Model: F-1841
  • Shipping Weight: 25lbs
  • 10 Units in Stock

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