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Pattern Cutting Of Raw Fabrics and Cloths

Model: S-1227

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We are now providing a service to our customers who want to save time and money by having their fabric patterns pre-cut and done accurately. Depending on the fabric style, some patterns will fray more than others. The heavier weight fabrics will cut and stay together better. On a thinner carbon fabric we would go with our pro finish coated carbons or the TeXtreme carbon fiber which will hold together better while handling the parts. 

Pattern cutting will save you time and money in the long run. When you pattern cut materials, you are able to nest all the parts close together to get the best use of the material possible, with minimum waste. You can also ensure spot on accuracy every time, no shifting of the fabric while cutting and coming up short on one side which can lead to a resin rich section which is a structrual failure point. Pattern cutting also minimizes space required at your shop. If you call us and need 100 pcs of part XYZ, we will charge you for the material plus costs of cutting and you will receive at your door, all the materials in a box ready to put on the shelf. No cutting table, no time spent, no mess, minimize waste of material, no miscuts and has been proven less expensive vs cutting by hand with an average savings of 50% by our current customers who have switched. 

We have tested the following fabrics to be cut and these will work. 

  • Textreme Carbon Cloths
  • 245 GSM Pro Finish Cloth
  • Stitched Non-Woven Carbon Cloths
  • Stitched Non-Woven Fiberglass Cloths
  • Pre-preg Cloths 

Table size will yield a maximum of 60" width by 20ft long part in one piece. 

If you have a request for another type of material, we can try to run it for you but the above fabrics will work for the process. 

To request pricing, you can send a simple cardboard cut out template, but we prefer a cad file to ensure promt quotations. We also need fabric type desired and qty needed. We will then obtain a final price for you.

  • Model: S-1227
  • 5000 Units in Stock

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