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In this section you will find items made from composite materials. Many items are custom projects done by us for automobiles. Below are pictures of an interior and trunk enclosure that we did for a customer. We lined the entire subwoofer enclosure with silver carbon fiber panels which were illuminated by blue cold cathodes. We also made many other custom pieces for the vehicle as well which include motorized folding rear seats, upgrading the navigation unit to tune in television signals, front and rear cameras, drilled/slotted rotors, pss9 coil-over suspension, water/bubble wall, and many more. All of the modifications on the vehicle were performed by us. The vehicle is a E46 BMW M3. We have another show vehicle that we are building with a complete carbon fiber underbody skin and many other features. This vehicle is close to being completed and will be on tour with the BMW M3 that is featured on this page. You can come see our work in person at many venues in the midwest. We will post our scheduled locations & times once they are available to us.

Illuminated Interior Panels


Trunk while illuminated

Another view of illuminated interior

Trunk view in the day, There is a water tank with a bubble wall infront of the speaker box

Close up view of the carbon fiber speaker box we did

We will be updating this section with new photos of our work. If you would like custom work done, just contact us and let us know what you are interested in. We have taken on small projects such as a surround for a cd player, all the way up to a full custom one-off fiberglass dash and console.