Mold Making Starter Kit

Ground Only

Selecting the right materials for the mold making process just got easier with our pre-made kit. This kit includes all of the materials you need to give mold making a try on your own. You can use this kit to make molds to produce parts entirely from carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass or any other composite material. You will receive the following materials with the kit.

This kit contains enough material to make a mold for a part approx 2'x3' in size depending on complexity of the mold and thickness needed.

This kit includes the standard mold making materials needed to make a part. These items are the same items used in composite shops across the world. Featuring well known, brand name products from the composite industry such as Owens Corning, Rexco, and Hexcel.

Line Item Model # Item and Purpose Quantity
 1 F-1028 Fiberglass E-Glass 10oz 50" Width Plain Weave Hexcel Style 7500 2 Yards (50"x72")
 3 F-460 Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat 13.5oz 50" Width 6 Yards (50"x108")
 4 F-1114 Fiberglass Surfacing Veil 50" Width 10 Mil – Use between the gel coat and reinforcing material to prevent weave patterns from bleeding through and becoming visible in the gel coat. 2 Yards (50"x72")
 5 633 Coremat 2mm 50" Width – Use to create bulk and add rigidity. 1 Yard (50"x36")
 6 1185-1_Gallon|2128-2oz-Kit Tooling Polyester Resin Isophthalic – Provides high strength and high durability to molds. 1 Gallon
 7 1188-Quart|2128-2oz-Kit Orange Tooling Gel Coat – Will provide a hard, durable, high-gloss surface on molds. 1 Quart
 8 2128 MEKP DDM-9 Hardener Catalyst - Hardening agent for Isophthalic Tooling Polyester Resin & Orange Tooling Gel Coat 3 ounces
 9 486 Partall PVA #10 Spray on Moldrelease – Use in combination with Partall Paste #2 Wax for superior release of molded parts. 1 Quart
 10 496 Partall Paste #2 Wax – Use in combination with PVA to provide easy release of parts from mold. 24 Ounces
 11 1470 Bristle Roller 1" Diameter x 3" Length – Use to push out air bubbles in resin. 1 pc
 12 407 Gel Coat Thickness / Mil Gauge Size 10-35 mil – Use to measure thickness of wet gel coat. 1 pc
 13 924 Resin Mixing Bit – For easy and thorough mixing of resin and gel coat. 1 pc
 14 403 Mixing Container With Measurements 1 Quart – For accurate measuring of resin and gel coat. 6 pcs
 15 966 Plastic Spreader 4" - Use to spread out resin as well as wipe off excess. 4 pcs
 16 1997 Bristle Brush 1" 12 pcs
 17 4597 Latex Gloves (One Size Fits All) 8 pair

All of the items in the kit are available for purchase individually in our store. If you run out of a certain material we can sell any single item by itself. We take care of your fabrics and make sure they are always rolled onto tubes for shipment. As a full time composite shop, we know how you need to receive your materials in order to have the least amount of issues throughout your project.


We also have available an instructional video Fundamentals of Mold Making to guide you through the mold making process.