Milled Carbon Fiber - Carbiso MF80


Carbiso MF80 Milled Carbon Fiber

Sold by the LB, Prepackaged into 1lb Bags, 5lb and 38.36lb bags.

Milled fibers are used in demanding applications to increase mechanical properties and provide tailored electrical and thermal conductivity of the chosen matrix.

The milled carbon fibers have excellent dispersibility as the fibers are un-sized and are compatible with most thermoset and thermoplastic matrices.

Typical Properties  
Carbon Fiber Content >95%
Other Fiber Content <5%
Fiber Diameter 7µm
Fiber Length 80µm
Sizing Content 0%
Bulk Density 400 g/l
Metal Contamination <0.5g / 1000g

SDS Carbiso MF80 SDS

TDS Carbiso MF80 TDS