Kevlar/Aramid/Lumat Fabric Random Lot/Cutoff Mystery Box

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Linear Yard
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This is a mystery box of random composite fabrics in the Kevlar/Aramid/Lumat category. This lot of materials will be approx 5-6 yards of material. Due to the volume of materials we go through we have many “ends of rolls” or the inevitable miscut of material which has given us a surplus of random materials that are in various short lengths. There also may be materials that have may have a defect in them like a mispick or pulled strand etc. Due to this fact, our pricing on these lots per yard are essentially over a 50% discount from normal retail price.

What to expect

  • 5-6 yards of high strength composite fabric
  • Materials will usually be 50” wide, however some 38” width and up to 60” may be in the lot
  • Weights/gsm of material can be from any weight in the category
  • Test materials that are not even available on the site may be part of the selection
  • Pieces can range from ½ yard to one full 6 yd piece
  • Quality can be 100% perfect or have defects in material
  • Lots are selected at random upon current inventory or preboxed ahead of times
  • Requests for specific material in kit will not be approved, the discount is only here to move out material we do not have an easy way to manage.

If you want to guarantee you get 100% perfect fabric and the exact material you need, then please purchase from our normal daily selection of materials. We are trying to list these as clearly as possible and would rather undersell them so we do not have any complaints. We want these to kits to be a potential way to get different materials in our customers hands at a reasonable price while helping control our inventory. Please contact us if you have any other questions.