High Temp - Fiberglass Mold Making Starter Kit

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Selecting the right materials for making high temp molds just got easier with our pre-made kit. This kit includes all of the materials you need to create production quality high temp tooling in one kit. The resins in this kit are rated for continual use at 300° F. You can use this kit to make molds to produce parts entirely from carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass or any other composite material. You will receive the following materials with the kit.

This kit includes the specialty mold making materials needed to make a production quality tool. The kit includes enough material to make a mold (including flanges) of about 12 square feet. These items are the same items used in composite shops across the world. Featuring well known, brand name products from the composite industry such as Frekote, Hexcel, Premium Resin Tech and more.

Line Item Model # Item and Purpose Quantity
 1 F-1954 Fiberglass E-Glass 5.8oz/197gsm 50" Width Plain Weave Hexcel Style 3733 – Use 2 Layers (first layers to go down towards mold surface) 2 Yards (50"x72")
 2 F-1028 Fiberglass E-Glass 10oz 50" Width Plain Weave Hexcel Style 7500 – Use 4 Layers (2nd type of material use to make mold) 4 Yards (50"x144")
 3 F-1624 Fiberglass E-Glass 18oz/610gsm 50" Width Plain Weave Hexcel Style 7544 – Use 4 Layers (last type of material to use to bulk up the mold) 4 Yards (50"x144")
 4 1834 RDR-1902 High Temperature Black Surface Coat – Use to make the surface of the mold. This will go on first by brushing on two coats. Waiting between coats for them to become tacky. Followed up by RDR-2250 resin with fiberglass reinforcement. Uses RDH-9302 Hardener. 1 Quart
 5 1846 RDH-9302 Hardener for Surface Coat – This is the hardener to use with the RDH-1902 Surface Coat - Will give you approx 15 minutes of working time. 7 oz
 6 1886 RDR-2250 High Temperature Aluminum Filled Laminating Resin – Use with the fiberglass to build the structure of the mold. Aluminum filled resin will transfer heat more evenly to prevent warping and also properly cure your parts. Uses RDH-9106 Hardener. 1 Gallon
 7 1843 RDH-9106 Hardener – Used with the RDR-2250 Aluminum filled resin. This can also be used with the RDR-1902 and RDR-Paste to give an extended 60minute working time if needed. 1.2 Lb
 8 1888 RDR-PASTE – Thickened Epoxy to use in corners for added reinforcement. Uses RDH-9302 Hardener. 1 Quart
 9 1407 Frekote FMS Mold Sealer – Use to seal mold surfaces. View listing page for application instructions. 1 Pint
 10 1406 Frekote 700-NC Mold Release – Used as the release agent for the molds. View listing page for application instructions. 1 Pint
 11 2174 Mixing Tubs 83oz Unwaxed Paper 10 pc
 12 2012  Paint Mixing Sticks - Large 10 pc
 13 2022 Aluminum Fin Roller 1/2" Dia, 3" width. 1 pcs
 14 966 Plastic Spreader 4" - Use to spread out resin as well as wipe off excess. 4 pcs
 15 1997-1" Chip Brush 1" 12 pcs
 16 1997-2"  Chip Brush 2" 5 pcs
 17 4597 Latex Gloves (One Size Fits All) 8 pair
 18 1222 Chavant Le Beau Touche Plasticene Non Hardening Clay - Use to fill in gaps in mold or between plug and flange material to make even transitions, can also be used to change shapes of areas or fill in recessed holes.  2 Lb
 19 2073 Flange Material - 6" x 48" strip  6 pcs

All of the items in the kit are available for purchase individually in our store. If you run out of a certain material we can sell any single item by itself. We take care of your fabrics and make sure they are always rolled onto tubes for shipment. As a full time composite shop, we know how you need to receive your materials in order to have the least amount of issues throughout your project.


pdfHigh Temp Epoxy Tooling Instructions

PDF Epoxy Mixing Guide

We also have available an instructional video Fundamentals of Mold Making to guide you through the mold making process. This video is for standard polyester molds, however processes are generally the same but with different materials.


4597 Latex Gloves (One Size Fits All) 100 ct