HI-SHRINK TAPE 100 yards - Release Coated 220R

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RELEASE COATED HI-SHRINK TAPE 220R is a tough, flexible, heat shrinkable polyester tape. When wrapped around an object and heated, the tape has the unique ability to shrink and apply pressure to the underlying composite part. This product comes with a PTFE release coating on one side that aids in removing the tape from the cured composite part. Dunstone  Release Coated Hi-Shrink Tape  220R is designed for a single wrapping step, and to be used in applications that currently utilize multiple products to achieve a combination of release and compaction with two films.

This tape is available in .5", .75", 1", 1.25" and 1.5" widths.

  • Starts to shrink @ 150°F (65°C)
  • Usage Temperatures 175-350°F (80-180°C)


PTFE coating enables tape to release from cured substrates

  • Non-silicone release coat eliminates silicone transfer or migration issues
  • Simple way to apply compaction for debulking, consolidating, and forming
  • Gives your part a high gloss, resin rich finish
  • High performance release coating
  • Excellent method to achieve ply compaction
  • Can reduce multiple wraps and films into one step
  • Enables multiple methods for adjusting compressive force on the part

HI-SHRINK TAPE 220R starts shrinking around 150°F / 65°C and has been used in applications up to 350°F /180°C. If left unrestrained, HI-SHRINK TAPE 220R will shrink 20% after 15 minutes at 300°F / 150°C.

** Tape Application Notice **

The release coating on this tape is on the OUTSIDE/TOP of the tape. When applying the tape apply with the OUTSIDE facing your part. This is the opposite of the way a tape is normally applied.

** Tape Application Notice **

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