Gold Reflections Veneer Sheet .012"/.3mm 2x2 Twill - EPOXY


Carbon Fiber Gold Reflections Sheet .012"/.3mm.

This sheet has a 2x2 Twill weave pattern, which is the most commonly used weave pattern in the automotive industry. Our sheets are constructed using high quality materials from reputable manufacturers in the USA.

We use a crystal clear high strength epoxy resin in our sheets to provide the clearest finish we can achieve. Other resin options available. These sheets have a high gloss finish on the face side and a fine matte finish on the backside.

Our sheets are also available with an all weather 3M 6035PC adhesive option. This adhesive covers the entire backside of the sheet and has an easy to remove backing. Just peel the backing off, and you can adhere the sheet just like a sticker. The 3M adhesive backing for this sheet is an additional $3.00 per square foot and adds 0.005" to the thickness of the sheet. If you would like 3M adhesive on your sheet, please use the dropdown above to add it.

Please use the dropdown to choose Sheet Size and 3M Adhesive option. Sheet pricing is shown in the dropdown.

If you have any questions regarding which thickness is best for your application, cutting tolerances or other related information, please visit our F.A.Q. page. It is a brief write up and gives a basic overview of information pertaining to our sheets. If this page doesn't help, just contact us and we can assist you.

These sheets are vacuum infused with a high quality/scratch resistant epoxy resin that is custom formulated for us here at Composite Envisions. Our sheets are produced right here in our shop. Due to slight variances in material, we give these sheets a range of +/- .002 inches in thickness. These sheets are typically cut by waterjet. However, due to time constraints they may be saw cut. Therefore, these sheets are given a dimensional tolerance of +/- .125 of an inch. All of our sheets 1.5mm or thicker have a core made with no crimp carbon fiber along the 0/+45/-45/90 axis to ensure the most uniform layup along all axis. This will yield a sheet that is structurally sound for most applications. We can adjust strengths in various axis if more strength is needed in one direction without increasing weight.

To ensure longevity of the sheet, we highly recommend a clear coat with UV Protection be applied to the face of the sheet for sheets which will be exposed to sunlight.

Note: Lead times for standard sheets listed on our site will range from 1-5 business days. We try to stock as many sheets as we possibly can but with the limitless number of size, thickness and color combinations, sometimes it is not possible. If your order is time sensitive please call and check to confirm availability and the current approximate lead time for your order.

Custom Sheet Fabrication:

If these sheets on our site do not fit your specs we produce these sheets here in house and can offer the following options. Costs and MOQ's vary.

  • Lead Time 3-10 days, costs vary.
  • Custom Fiber Orientation - UNI , 0/90, 0/45/90 or to customers spec
  • Custom Layup - We can use multiple layers of 3k carbon, few layers of 12k or build sheets with color all the way though each layer.
  • Lightweight Foam Core Options - Increases rigidity while minimizing weight
  • Resin Options - Polyester (least expensive) , vinylester and high strength epoxy.
  • Heat Tolerances - Resins available from 175° F to 350° F high temp and flame retardant.
  • Standard size 4'x8' with a max thickness of 1/4" thick, minimum thickness .004"
  • Can create sheets from almost any fabric we sell on our site.
  • Finished Part Production - With a supplied dxf/dwg cad file, we can waterjet your sheets into high quality finished parts that arrive at your doorstep.

Sheet Basics

This sheet has a 2x2 twill weave pattern, one of the most common weave patterns in many markets. The finished side of the sheet has a classic 2x2 twill, 3K woven carbon fiber appearance and is nearly pinhole-free with a high-gloss finish. The backside of the sheet showcases a matte textured 'peel ply' finish suitable for secondary bonding, if necessary.

Our high strength vacuum infused composite sheets are manufactured using 100% carbon fiber reinforced with a near-clear epoxy resin matrix. All composite stacks are laid by hand to ensure maximum homogenization of fiber alignment. Stacks are then vacuum infused and cured under pressure greater than 28 inches of mercury. The tool is then elevated to an optimal temperature to produce a near-perfect composite sheet with high-grade mechanical properties and a class-A surface finish.

Our sheets are also available with an all-weather 3M 6035PC adhesive option. This adhesive covers the entire backside of the sheet and has an easy to remove backing. Just peel the backing off and you can adhere the sheet just like a sticker. The 3M adhesive backing for this sheet is an additional $3.00 per square foot and adds 0.005" to the thickness of the sheet. If you would like 3M adhesive on your sheet, please use the dropdown above to add it.

Laminate Construction

To insure maximum structural integrity and flatness throughout all our sheets, we produce 'balanced' laminates for all sheet thicknesses and sizes. This means that the fiber type, weight, and weave pattern are symmetrical throughout all layers of the composite stack.

Symmetric Laminates: A laminate is symmetric when the plies above and below the mid-plane mirror one another. Symmetrical layups help prevent thermal twisting.

Sheets that are 1.4mm / 1/16’’ or thicker are quasi-isotropic laminates, made with non-woven, no-crimp carbon fiber plies, oriented at 0º/90º/+45º/–45º. Quasi-isotropic ply orientation results in a most uniform distribution of strength, and enhances both torsional and diagonal stiffness.

Cross-plied layup will yield a sheet with a higher structural integrity which many applications may require. Laminate stacking and ply orientation can be adjusted for specific applications; for example, if you require greater sheet strength in a particular direction but want to avoid increasing the weight with additional plies.

The detailed lay-ups and fabric stack list can be requested for each of our sheets. Please specify the sheet model number when inquiring.

Epoxy: All sheets are made with a high-performance epoxy resin that offers excellent mechanical functions, clarity and improved UV stability. An elevated post-cure  temperature is applied to increase the mechanical strength of the sheet, resulting in a higher Tg  and enhancing the inter-laminar sheer strength.

Our sheets are NOT clear coated or UV Protected. To ensure longevity of the sheet, we highly recommend that you apply a clear coat with a UV Protection to the surfaces of sheets that may be exposed to sunlight such as DURATEC SUNSHIELD

Sheet Size and Thickness

Sheets are available in select sizes starting at a minimum of 12’’x 24’’ and increasing 12” at a time in either/both directions, but not to exceed 48’’x96’’.

Examples: 12"x48", 24"x36", 48"x48", 48"x60", and 36"x96".

Sheets are cut by hand*, which may result in a dimensional tolerance of +/- .125” in either direction. Please note that sheet sizes are nominal and may be supplied over-sized.

For sheets larger than 24’’x 48’’, custom boxing and shipping fees may apply.

*Waterjet Cutting: To have your parts arrive at your door cut to precision, you can request your sheet(s) be waterjet cut prior to shipping and simply provide a dxf/dwg cad file (additional costs apply).

Choose your desired sheet size and thickness using the drop down lists at the top of the page.

 Need a custom sheet? Call us today for your custom sheet needs: 715-842-0101

We are able to offer custom, flat sheet fabrication for small runs and prototyping using most fabrics sold on our site. We can produce custom sheets at a M.O.Q of 1 - 12’’x48’’ per custom selection.


Our highly technical manufacturing process and equipment allows Composites Envisions to produce composite sheets to meet most custom specifications. We currently supply composite sheets to numerous word class manufacturers in various industries, including concept vehicles, motorsport racing, luxury yacht, and aero, among others. Please contact us to discuss your composite needs.

Lead Times

For standard sheets listed on our site, lead times typically range from 1-5 business days. We stock many sheets to meet customer needs, but with limitless size, thickness and color combinations, we may need a few days to complete your order. If your order is time sensitive, please call and check availability and expected lead times for items you are ordering.

Sheet Specs

Sheet Thickness .012"/0.3mm
Sheet Size Tolerance +/- .125"/3.1mm
Sheet Thickness Tolerance +/- .002"/.05mm
Sheet Temp Rating 175° F/ 79°C
Resin Used Epoxy
Finish Glossy
Finish Fabric Used (Model #) F-806
Weave Style of Cosmetic Side 2x2 Twill
Weight per Sq Ft 32g / 1.1oz
Sheet Weight Tolerance +/- 5%