G1114 Barometer


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Barometer wide range, high resolution. Covers pneumatic range with resolution of 1 mbar! Can be used as relative instrument (use tare function at zero pres­sure)
or as absolute instrument (starts at ambient pressure, e.g. 970 mbar = 970 hPa).

NEW: UNIVERSAL-PORTs for use with a large range of pressure connections: Screw fitting, Quick-Connect, Push-Pull: All these types can be connected to the instrument!
You have the choice, which connection is most practicable for you -- instrument keeps the same. Increased resolution of 0.1 Pascal at high precision for finest pressure adjustments.

• Modern and functional design - pocket-size
• Excellent price/performance ratio
3-line backlit display / overhead display at the push of a button
• Waterproof (IP67)
• Robust, long battery operation time
• Easy to use universal pressure port with exchangeable connections
• High resolution and precision
• Very fast!
• Calibration options/ traceable
• Made in Germany

The primary focus in the development of the new G 1100 series was placed on the essential functions of the measurement technology. The heart of the instrument - the sensor -is a
high-class component -- which excels in this instrument class. The high reliability, speed and precision of the G 1100 variants, packed in a compact an water protected housing makes the
instruments an ideal partner of industry and craft sector.

Technical Data G 1114
Description: Barometer
Measuring: Absolute pressure
Pressure Connection: one tube connection, interchangeable with G1/8 universal port
Ranges/ Resolution: 0..14000 hPa (mbar)
Display Units: hPa, mbar, bar, PSI, mmHg (Torr)
Measuring Frequency: Slow: 2.5 measurements per second, Fast: 25 measurements per second
Precision Typ.: ± 0.02 % FSS +/-0.1 % of value(@ 25 °C)
Error Max.(-20..50 °C) : ± 0.1 % FSS ± 0.5 % of value
Max. Overload: 20000 hPa abs.
Display: 3-line segment LCD, additional symbols, illuminated
(white, illumination time adjustable), overhead display on key press
Standard Functions: Min / Max/ Hold, auto-Power-Off-function/ if activated, the product switches off automatically
Optional Special Functions: Sea level correction, NULL/Tare function, AVR: Averaging over 2 s / 5 s / 10 s
Adjustment: Zero point and slope
Housing: Break-proof ABS housing, protection rating IP67, dimensions L x W x H: 108 x 54 x 28 mm without pressure connection, weight: 140 g incl. battery
Operating Conditions: -20 to +50 °C; 0 to 95 % r.h. temporarily 100 % r.h.)
Storage Temperature: -20 to +70 °C
Power Supply:

2 x AA battery (included in the scope of delivery),
 current consumption: ca. 1 mA (slow measurement SLO), battery life ca. 3000 h, battery indicator: 4-stage charge status indicator, note for low charge level: "BAT LO"

TDSG1114  Barometer TDS