Fiberglass Plain Weave Cloth Tape E-Glass 8.7oz/295gsm 50 Yard Roll

Unit of Measure:
50 Yard Roll
Quantity Buy 5 - 9 Buy 10 - 24 Buy 25 - 49 Buy 50 - 99 Buy 100 or above
Per 50 Yard Roll $ 14.43 $ 14.13 $ 13.84 $ 13.25 $ 12.51
Bulk Pricing
Per 50 Yard Roll
Buy 5 - 9
Buy 10 - 24
Buy 25 - 49
Buy 50 - 99
Buy 100 or above
$ 14.43
$ 14.13
$ 13.84
$ 13.25
$ 12.51

Fiberglass Cloth Tape E-Glass 8.7oz 50 Yard Roll. These Fiberglass tapes are great for seams, joints, corners or cracks. Quick and easy to cut. Can be used with Epoxies and Polyester Resins. Tapes are woven with a Plain Weave which will not fray like chopped mat. Thickness .01"

Item is sold by the roll.  50 yards.

This fabric is available in 1"/2.5cm, 2"/5cm, 3"/7.5cm, 4"/10cm, 6"/15cm, 8"/20cm, and 12"/30cm widths.

Product Specs  
Unit of Measure Each
Material Warp Fiberglass
Material Weft Fiberglass
Weave Plain Weave
Ends Per Inch 18
Pics Per Inch 17
Weight 8.8oz / 294.98gsm
Width 1"/ 2.5cm, 2"/5cm, 3"/7.5cm, 4"/10cm, 6"/15cm, 8"/20cm, 12"/30cm
Thickness 0.012" / 0.30mm
Resin Consumption @ 45% Resin to Fabric by Weight 7.11opsy / 239.21gsm 

The resin consumption provided is for the approximate amount of resin by weight, contained in the final part after processing by vacuum infusion. This does not account for the resin used in the flow lines and consumables such as flow media or breather cloth. Wet-layup by hand will also have a higher resin consumption in the final part and is dependent upon users techniques. Vacuum bagging a wet layup will improve the resin content. Too much resin will cause a weaker part, NOT stronger. Average rule of thumb is around 45% (+/- a couple percent). To calculate actual resin % in your part a burn test is used. For example you have a part weighing 100 grams, you would burn off the resin which would leave the fiber behind. You should have 55 grams of fiber left when your process is working correctly. Due to the variables in processing it is hard to give an accurate amount of resin needed to purchase for making your part. However you will have waste no matter what method is used. A suggested ratio is about 1-1.5lbs of resin per lb of fabric purchased.