Fiberglass Fabric Samples

Unit of Measure:

This is a sample booklet of the Fiberglass Fabrics that we offer for sale. This would include different weave styles and different material weights. All the samples are encased in a professionally printed booklet. Each sample is individually labelled for easy identification as well as providing important information specific to each material type.

This book includes one sample of each of the following fabrics;

Model Description
F-2297 Fiberglass E-Glass Plain Weave 50"/127cm 1.43oz/48gsm Hexcel Style 108
F-2299 Fiberglass E-Glass Plain Weave 50"/127cm 3.11oz/105gsm Hexcel Style 116
F-2298 Fiberglass E-Glass Plain Weave 50.5"/128.27cm 2.1oz/71gsm Hexcel Style 112
F-1625 Fiberglass 3.16oz/107 gsm E Glass 50" 4 Harness Satin Weave Hexcel Style 120
F-1019 Fiberglass 3.67oz/124 gsm E Glass 50" Plain Weave Hexcel Style 1522
F-1623 Fiberglass 5.63oz/191gsm E Glass 50" Plain Weave Hexcel Style 7533
F-1023 Fiberglass 7.25oz/246 gsm E Glass 50" Plain Weave Hexcel Style 7532
F-1025 Fiberglass 8 1/2 oz E Cloth 50" 2X2 Twill
F-1026 Fiberglass 8.9 oz/301.76 gsm E Cloth 50" 8 Harness Satin Weave
F-1028 Fiberglass E-glass 10oz 50" Width Plain Weave
F-1624 Fiberglass E-glass 18oz/610 gsm 50" Width Plain Weave Hexcel Style 7544
F-472 Fiberglass Woven Roving 18oz 50" Width .035" Plain Weave
F-2151 Fiberglass Cloth Plain Weave 38"/96.52cm 38oz/1288gsm Style 1597
F-1554 Vectorply E-BX 1200 E-Glass +45/-45 Double Bias 50" 12.54oz/425gsm
F-2131 Vectorply E-BX 1700 E-Glass +45-45 Double Bias 50" 17.92oz/608gsm
F-677 Fiberglass DBM 1708 Knytex Biaxial +/- 45 Degree Fabric 50"
F-681 Fiberglass DBM 1808 Knytex Biaxial +/- 90 Degree Fabric 50"
F-1114 Fiberglass Surfacing Veil 50" Width 10 Mil
F-454 Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat 6.75oz/sq yd 0.75oz/sq ft /228.87gsm 50" Width
F-460 Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat 13.5oz/sq yd 1.5oz/sq ft/457.73 gsm 50" Width
F-462 Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat 18oz/sq yd 2oz/sq ft 50" Width
F-1030 Fiberglass 3.6oz/123 gsm S Glass 30" Plain Weave Hexcel Style 4522
F-1032 Fiberglass 5.6oz/190 gsm S Glass 30" Plain Weave Hexcel Style 4533
F-2359 Fiberglass 8 Harness Satin Weave S2 Glass 50"/127cm 8.92oz/302 Gsm - Style 6781 F81 Finish