Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How flexible are your panels?

A: The flexibility of our panels varies depending on the thickness and size of the panel. We will use a 12"x24" panel size as an example. Our .015" panel is our thinnest and most flexible panels. This panel will bend easily around an object like a pipe, however they will have a harder time with a curve that bends two ways. example would be trying to cover a basketball.

.015"/.4mm panel is very flexible and will bend around something as tight as a 2" diameter pipe.

.030"/.8mm panel will remain flexible and will bend around a 6" diameter pipe

.055"/1.4mm panel increases in rigidity and will bend around a 12" diameter pipe

.090"/2.3mm panel is where our panels become rigid. These panels remain quite stiff, however they will flex a little.

.165"/4.2mm panel will hardly flex at all


These thicknesses are to give an approximation to someone who has never worked with our materials before. We have many other thicknesses available. 

Q: How are your panels shipped?

A: Our thinner panels are covered with a protective layer, then rolled and shipped in a large box. Our thicker panels are covered and shipped flat.


Q: Do you offer any other sizes of panels?

A: Yes, we offer panels in nearly any size up to 4ft by 8ft, in any thickness. Our best prices are for panels measuring by the ft mark. Example, 2ft by 3ft panel or 1ft by 4ft and so forth. Email us if you are in need of a size that we do not have listed online.


Q: Do you offer discounts or wholesale pricing?

A: Yes, we offer discounts for large orders, however we must be contacted previously to purchasing, in order to give a discount other than what is listed on our website.


Q: What is the difference between plain weave and 2x2 twill?

A: Plain weave is a pattern that is most commonly used in OEM applications. The plain weave pattern resembles a "checkerboard". The 2x2 twill style is the pattern used in most aftermarket applications, like hoods and wings. The pattern resembles a "zig-zag"


Q: Do you offer other services or products than the ones listed on your store?

A: Yes, We offer a variety of services, even the ability to take your prototype and mass produce your item using a state of the art, water-jet cutting service.


Other Information Regarding Our Items


1. Our panels are finished on one side.

2. Our panels are cut roughly to the size listed. 12"x24" may have an eighth inch variance in dimension and the cut may not be perfectly square.

3. You can easily finish the edge of the panel with a light grit sand paper. Wet-sanding with 220 grit paper will bring up the edge quality of anything you decide to make.

4. Our panels are made with various resins and do not have UV protection to prevent fading from the sun. To ensure longevity of the panels, we highly recommend a clear coat with UV Protection be applied to panels that will be exposed to sunlight.

5. OPTIONAL: We offer 3M ADHESIVE backing for all of the panels that we make. Pricing for the adhesive backing is based on square footage of the panel.