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Document Category: General Composite Knowledge

Flexural Modulus In Composite Parts

Modulus is a measure of a composite’s resilience while it is placed under constant increasing stress situations. In other words, […]

The History of Carbon Fiber

Electricity, Lightbulbs, Edison & Bacon Carbon Fiber was first utilized in 1860 to arc light between two electrically charged conductive […]

What Is Prepreg – Explanation, Advantages and Disadvantages

“Prepreg” is broad terminology in composite fabrication used for describing fabrics that are pre-impregnated with a fully curable, mixed resin […]

What is Filament Winding?

Filament winding is a manufacturing process using continuous strands of tow from various materials such as carbon fiber Kevlar or […]

Certifications of Compliance

Certifications of Compliance (Certs) are important throughout the composite industry for achieving the utmost quality assurance in the products presented […]

Quality Control Methods & Procedures

Large companies follow specifications given to them by a specific “customer”. Most of the time the “customer” is who is […]

What Is Max Vacuum You Can Achieve and Does CFM Matter?

Vacuum Pressure, one of the most used “tools” of the composite trade. Its importance is applying consistent equal pressure upon […]

Prepreg Selection: Double Sided vs Single Sided

Prepreg selection is usually based on characteristics such as service temperature, ultimate strengths in each direction, cured density, or tack. […]

Best Practices When Using Resins Indoors

Nearly every resin used in composites gives off some sort of smell / odor when mixed and as it is […]

How To Keep Weave Straight and Aligned

Keeping a weave straight and aligned is critical in keeping a balanced layup accurate. In carbon parts especially, having an […]

How To Tell The Difference Between All Carbon and Carbon Skinned vs Fiberglass Parts

Often fabricators show or even market a composite part that is beautiful, accompanied by a surface layer that has been […]

Carbon Fiber & Concrete Repair – An Unlikely But Very Compatible Duo

Think Carbon Fiber is just for lightweight applications reserved for aerospace, auto racing, and small projects? You may think differently […]

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