D7000 High Performance Release and Parting Film 48"/121.92cm

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D7000 is a new generation of film combining the chemical inertness and universal non-stick properties of PTFE polymers with maximum conformability and heat resistance.

D7000 exhibits superior release qualities over the entire temperature range. It has been successfully used in intermittent service temperature above 600°F. The high elongation allows for superior conformability for irregular shapes.

Consider D7000 for the most advanced thermosetting and thermoplastic resin systems in the curing temperature range of epoxy, phenolic, BMI and comparable resins (350°F-400°F) as well as higher temperatures (600°F) where D7000, in fact, proves to be the only conformable yet thermally stable film available.


Compare the data shown for D7000 versus other materials typically used in composite fabrication in order to understand the superior performance particularly for complex shapes and high temperature resins. The Tensile Strength is 4500 PSI. Thickness is .001"


Film Product Elongation (%) Max. Temp (F)
D7000  450 600 
Teflon FEP  300 500
Teflon PFA   430 550
Tedlar PVF  190 350
Halar ECTFE  200 350

How we sell

This roll is 48" (121.92cm) wide and the fabric is sold by the linear yard. The unit price displayed is for 1 linear yard.

Please purchase the number of linear yards that you require. When purchasing multiple yards of the same fabric you will receive one continuous length of that material. We carefully take that material and roll it onto a cardboard core and wrap over with clear plastic or Kraft paper, making sure to keep the fabric in its first quality condition. We pride ourselves as having one of the best material handing crews possible.