Custom Plates & Panels


We realize that one-size doesn't fit all. We also realize that not all carbon fiber sheets or panels will work for every application. For that exact reason Composite Envisions is your perfect partner when it comes to fabricating custom sheets or panels to meet your exact needs.

Our world class facilities are able to produce custom panels of any thickness, from 0.01" to 1 ½ inches. Thickness is just one facet of your custom panel so we can also create outstanding sheets of any dimensions, up to 4' x 8'. We also have one of the largest selections of fabrics around so can make sure you get the look you are seeking every time.


Besides meeting your required thickness, size & fabric we also offer a multitude of flawless finishes to give your custom panel that perfect look. Whether it's a mirror gloss perfect for decorative uses or a matte/textured finish for structural applications we have you covered.


All of our panels are lovingly crafted from premium materials. We refuse to have different levels of quality for our panels because we want everything we make to be of the highest caliber. From the resin to the fabric to the finish your panel from Composite Envisions is created with nothing but top of the line materials. Did we also mention we can turnaround most panels in only 5 business days? That's right, 5 days which means your high-quality panel will be on its way to you inside of two weeks from order to delivery.

Ready to have Composite Envisions get to work for you creating your custom panels? Fill out the form below and we'll get back to in two shakes of a lambs tail with a quote.