Custom Panels


Call For Pricing

Custom Panel Fabrication:

If the standard listing of panels on our site do not fit your specs we produce these panels here in house and can offer the following options. Costs and MOQ's vary.

  • Lead Time 3-10 days, costs vary.
  • Custom Fiber Orientation - UNI , 0/90, 0/45/90 or to customers spec
  • Custom Layup - We can use multiple layers of 3k carbon, few layers of 12k or build panels with color all the way though each layer.
  • Lightweight Foam Core Options - Increases rigidity while minimizing weight
  • Resin Options - Polyester (least expensive) , vinylester and high strength epoxy.
  • Heat Tolerances - Resins available from 175° F to 350° F high temp and flame retardant.
  • Standard size 4'x8' with a max thickness of over 1" thick, minimum thickness .005"
  • Can create panels from almost any fabric we sell on our site.
  • Finished Part Production - With a supplied dxf/dwg cad file, we can waterjet your panels into high quality finished parts that arrive at your doorstep.