Core Materials – Part 3 – Lantor Soric® Line

In this series we’ve been looking at & learning about Core
Materials for composites. Last week our topic focus was on Nomex Honeycomb
Core. As we continue on we’ll be taking a look at the
Lantor Soric® Line of
core options and products.

Lantor Soric line of polyester non-woven core material that geared
toward Infusion processes. Each line exhibits a hexagonal structure for added
compression resistance and rigidity over that of Coremat. Soric cores also
double as a flow media in resin infusion and may eliminate the need for
additional flow media or peel ply. Although there are PVC and other foam types
of core that may yield lighter weight composites, none of them are easier to
use in infusion layups that the Soric line of infusible core. It is soft and
easily formable, flexes over contoured surfaces, and is easy to cut. Soric has
a few lines of core material that are all similar but are geared toward
obtaining the best characteristics in terms of thin or thick laminates,
density, flow rates, and aspects of high-quality surface finishes. Unlike
Honeycomb cores, Soric does not need to be chamfered to encase in a laminate
structure. (though it can be chamfered). It may be much easier to simply match
the reinforcement thickness around where the core material is laid up as shown

Lantor Soric SF line is an all-around good choice for general
purpose laminates and yields good surface finishes of cured laminates as it
mitigates the print through of the core on the laminate. The
SF line is
ideal in thinner laminates
as it has smaller flow channels for resin

Lantor Soric XF line is very comparable to that of the SF line
with the main difference being the application method and the flow rate of
resin. The
channel sizing of the XF line is larger, allowing higher flow
rates of resin; being available in thicker sizes thus
allowing for thicker

Soric TF line promotes the best surface finishes. It
does not have the flow channels, so the rate of resin flow may not be as fast,
but the print blocking is maximized. It is slightly heavier when impregnated than
the above choices. Soric TF is also offered in a Dark Grey color to achieve a
black carbon fiber look in laminates.

Lantor Coremat (Budget Minded Choice)

Coremat is used for adding bulk to traditional layup methods for
all conventional resin type needs. Simple in its design of shredded polyester
material, it adds rigidity and thickness to parts, and is a great time /
cost-effective solution for core needs of traditional layups. This core
material will also control print through. Coremat is easy to trim, being cut by
hand and even easier to apply in layup processes. Lantor provides a short
how-to video on the ease of Coremat in traditional layup practices and is available below.