Composite Envisions Economy Tacky Tape 25 ft Roll Full Case of 16 Rolls

Unit of Measure:
Case of 16

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Composite Envisions Economy Tacky Tape 1/8" x 1/2" x 25ft Roll. This tape is a less expensive alternative to Airtech's Tacky Tape. The tape is used to create a seal between your vacuum bag and mold. Due to the "gummy" nature of this product, it can be used to patch vacuum leaks and many other uses. This specific tape is the high temp and high tack version and removes easily from metal or composite tools. This tape has a maximum use temperature of 400°F. If you are heating your parts it is recommended to let the tape cool down before removing.


Material Characteristics  
Color: White
Base Material: Synthetic Rubber
Maximum Recommended Use Temperature 400°F/204°C
Roll Length aprox 25 ft (24.6 ft)