CLEARANCE Economy Plate - Carbon Fiber Tooling Board 2x2 Twill .5"/12.7mm - Toughened

Unit of Measure:

Carbon Fiber Tooling Board .5"/12.7mm made from all aerospace 3k 2x2 twill prepreg. These panels use over 50 layers of a toughened prepreg resin system that is great for impact resistance. These panels were cured at 275° F under vacuum and could be post cured additionally up to 350° F if you needed a higher temp rating. There are fine tracer yarns in the prepreg on every ft mark made from nylon and or aramid. They are barely noticeable as they are very fine but are there. These panels are better suited for general purpose applications as well as being machined down into parts. The prepreg in these panels was from an aerospace program that had strict time restrictions for using it. It is past the usable date in those programs however the epoxy still was tested and flowed well enough to make great general purpose panels that properly wet out. There are a few small pinholes in the surface of the panels but overall panels are nearly void free. We have tried to show in photos the panels and the cross section when cutting.

Approx Weight per Square Foot

Thickness   Weight/SqFt
1/8"   410g
1/4"   820g
1/2"   1640g
3/4"   2460g
1"   3280g

We have thousands of yards of prepreg available to make these panels. We are producing these tooling boards in these thicknesses 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" and will be able to offer panels down to 1x1ft in size. We have a large stock of panels produced already and available for immediate shipment.

 Please use the dropdown to choose Tooling Board Size option.

 If you have any questions regarding which thickness is best for your application, cutting tolerances or other related information, please visit our F.A.Q. page. It is a brief write up and gives a basic overview of information pertaining to our panels. If this page doesn't help, just contact us and we can assist you.

 These panels are produced right here in our shop. Due to slight variances in material, we give these tooling boards a range of +/- .030 inches in thickness. These panels are typically cut by waterjet. However, due to time constraints they may be saw cut. Therefore, these panels are given a dimensional tolerance of +/- .125 of an inch.

 Our panels are NOT UV Protected. To ensure longevity of the panel, we highly recommend a clear coat with UV Protection be applied to the face of the panel for panels which will be exposed to sunlight.

Note: Lead times for standard panels listed on our site will range from 1-5 business days. We try to stock as many panels as we possibly can but with the limitless number of size, thickness and color combinations, sometimes it is not possible. If your order is time sensitive please call and check to confirm availability and the current approximate lead time for your order.

Custom Panel Fabrication:

If these panels on our site do not fit your specs we produce these panels here in house and can offer the following options. Costs and MOQ's vary.

  • Lead Time 3-10 days, costs vary.
  • Custom Fiber Orientation - UNI , 0/90, 0/45/90 or to customers spec
  • Custom Layup - We can use multiple layers of 3k carbon, few layers of 12k or build panels with color all the way though each layer.
  • Lightweight Foam Core Options - Increases rigidity while minimizing weight
  • Resin Options - Polyester (least expensive) , vinylester and high strength epoxy.
  • Heat Tolerances - Resins available from 175°F to 350°F high temp and flame retardant.
  • Standard size 4'x8' with a max thickness of 1/4" thick, minimum thickness .004"
  • Can create panels from almost any fabric we sell on our site.
  • Finished Part Production - With a supplied dxf/dwg cad file, we can waterjet your panels into high quality finished parts that arrive at your doorstep.

 Panel Specs

Panel Thickness .5"/12.7mm
Panel Size Tolerance +/- .125"/3.1mm
Panel Thickness Tolerance +/- .030"/.76mm
Panel Temp Rating 275° F/135° C
Resin Used Epoxy
Finish Glossy or Peel Ply
Finish Fabric Used (Model #)  
Weave Style of Cosmetic Side 2x2 Twill