Carbon Fiber Fabric 4 HS 6k 49"/124.46cm 6oz/205gsm Hexcel IM7 Room Temp PREPREG Double Sided

Unit of Measure:
Linear Yard
Tow Size:
4 HS

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4 Harness Satin Carbon Fiber Fabric/Cloth 49" 6k 6oz Room Temp PREPREG Double Sided This fabric is made from high strength Hexcel IM7 Yarn - This fabric has a width of 49", tow size of 6k and is woven in a 4 harness satin weave. This 6k IM7 Carbon Yarn is a smaller looking yarn vs a normal 6k Carbon yarn. Due to the size of the fiber, this 6k fabric gives the appearance of a 3k. This material has a very unique visual appearance. Thickness .009". This fabric is great for structural buildup and will yield a much stiffer product than a standard modulus 205 gsm fabric.

Unlike other Pre-Preg Fabrics, this material can be stored at room temperature! No need for freezers or expensive overnight shipping any more. This Pre-impregnated carbon fiber reinforcement is stable at room temperature for an entire year. Pre-preg makes part production efficient and allows for more complex parts to be produced vs standard infusion or vacuum bagging techniques as the epoxy is already in the fabric. This carbon fiber is pre-pregged on both sides. The carbon material in the pre-preg is our model F-1226 6oz 3k 4HS which uses Hexcel IM7 fiber to ensure the best possible appearance available.

Benefits of Prepreg:

  • Easy To lay in the mold, works like a vinyl sticker
  • Very clean production process
  • No resin to mix
  • Accurate and controlled resin percentage across the entire fabric
  • Harder to damage cosmetic appearance of the carbon fiber
  • Easily can precut patterns on CNC cutting machine with Knife
  • Can be used in equipment ranging from Ovens, Presses and Autoclaves
  • Saves labor cost

To use this material just cut to shape, pull off the plastic liner, place in mold, vacuum bag the material down and ramp up the heat to the desired cure temperature and your part is done. The material has a 42% resin/fiber ratio. This material is a double sided tack material meaning that there is resin on both sides of the material. This will allow for better adhesion between layers during the initial layup while still offering a great cosmetic finish. This product is 50" wide and is sold by the cut yardage. Each qty purchased will add 36" in length.

Shelf Life/Storage 

  • 0° F (standard freezer) - 30 months
  • 72° F (room temp) - one year
  • 90° F (hot shop day) - six months

It is suggested to store at 0° F or below to provide a longer shelf life and pull out the material needed. If you plan to use material faster, then you can store at a warmer temp to shorten the time it takes to get material to room temperature.

Cure time: This product needs to be cured between 270°F and 310°F. The hotter you can cure, the shorter the material will need to hold at max temp.

Options Ramp Up Hold Temperature Hold Time (Hours) Ramp Down
1 <= 2.5°C/min 
132°C/270°F 4 <= 2.5°C/min 5°F/min) to 
66°C(150°F) or less
2 143°C/290°F 2
3 154°C/310°F 1

 * Ramp Up and Ramp Down values apply to all three cure options.

Application: If you are freezing material then remove material from cold storage at least 20 hours prior to use so the material stabilizes at room temp. Keep the material wrapped to prevent moisture from condensing on the adhesive. Cut prepreg to the correct size, remove poly film from one side and apply 

We take care in shipping our items and we will never fold the fabric. Our fabric is always rolled onto a tube to prevent distortion of the weave.

This item is listed by the linear yard, which is 36" long by the 50" width. If you purchase a qty of 2, you will receive one continuous piece of fabric 72"x50" and so on. We will leave the fabric in one continuous piece.

Product Specs   
Material Warp Carbon Fiber
Material Weft Carbon Fiber
Weave 4 Harness Satin
Ends Per Inch 12
Pics Per Inch 12
Yarn Size Warp 6k
Yarn Size Weft 6k
Tow Size 6k
Weight 6oz / 203.44gsm
Width 49" / 124.46cm