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Carbon Fiber Fabric 2x2 Twill 12k 400gsm/11.8oz 39.5" Spread Tow/ Flat Tow

Model: F-1839

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2x2 Twill Spread Tow Carbon Fiber Fabric/Cloth 39.5" 12k 11.8oz/400gsm. Spread tow fabrics, sometimes refered to as Flat Tow increase the performance of your parts while enhancing the appearance. Spread tow fabrics will yield a smoother surface finish, and lighter composite parts (in upwards of 20% weight savings compared to standard woven fabrics). The fibers lay flat in the spread tow fabrics which removes the small areas in between the strands in the weave where excess resin can accumulate. It is a very small amount, however every time a carbon strand is woven over and under a perpendicular strand, it creates a bridge where just a tiny bit more resin can accumulate. In one yard of a standard 50" 3k Plain weave carbon fabric there are approx 23,400 places where the weave bridges, In a plain weave spread tow fabric (25mm tape size) that amount is reduced to about 1800 places. That is over a 90% reduction in places where excess resin can accumulate. Now you can see why you are able to achieve parts with a 20% weight savings and the true potential of these materials. That is why Nascar and F-1 Teams use these fabrics.     

This fabric is made from Toray T700 12k fiber

To harden the raw fabric into a usable form, you will need the appropriate resin or epoxy for your project.

We take care in shipping our items and we will never fold the fabric. Our fabric is always rolled onto a tube to prevent distortion of the weave.

This item is listed by the linear yard, which is 36" long by the 39.5" width. If you purchase a qty of 2, you will receive one continuous piece of fabric 72"x39.5" and so on. We will leave the fabric in one continuous piece.

Product Specs   
Unit of Measure Linear Yard
Material Warp Carbon Fiber
Material Weft Carbon Fiber
Weave 2x2 Twill
Ends Per Inch 6.35
Pics Per Inch 6.35
Yarn Size Warp 12k
Yarn Size Weft 12k
Tow Size 12k
Weight 11.8oz / 400gsm
Width 39.5" / 100.33cm
Thickness  0.024"
  • Model: F-1839
  • Shipping Weight: 0.32lbs
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