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This autoclave is a slightly used model Manufactured in 2017.  This unit has a shell rated for 115 psi and 450deg F and would be a great setup for composites with some tweaking.

The unit originally was designed for vulcanizing rubber and it is setup with a steam system which can also be used for sterilizing. The price for the unit is the price "AS-IS" with the system it has. To convert this unit to work with composites (installing electric heat and vacuum ports) will be around $200,000. This unit is currently located at Bondtech so there is no transportation needed to do the conversion as it is at the manufacturer already. The unit is ready to go so no lead times on the shell, just the fabrication work to make it work for composites if needed to go that route. If converted to electric the shell size ID would decrease to about 8x16'.

We can provide more details on the unit as requested. We have pricing and information for many of the adjustments/modifications one may need on the autoclave to set it up for composites. Contact us for more information.


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