Aqua Buff Polish 2000 - Discounted



This product will be reaching its end of shelf-life mid-September 2021 so we are offering it for purchase with a deep 50% discount.  While its shelf-life may expire, the product should be perfectly usable for quite some time however, you may notice a slight discoloration to the product. We suggest you use the product soon after purchase. If left unused for an extended time the product composition will begin to separate at which point we do not recommend using it.

50% discount will be applied once in cart.

**Any purchases of this offered product are non-refundable/returnable.**


 Aqua Buff 2000 is the second step in a two part process. The Aqua-Buff system is used to clean oxidization from gelcoats. This polish includes 2000 grit granules to easily polish your surface back to new. You must machine buff this product. Start the process using Aqua Buff 1000-F, once the first step has been applied and removed then follow up with Aqua Buff 2000 to bring your surface back to new.

Use these Aqua-Buff products to remove scratches from and polish composite patterns, plugs, masters and molds. Also use them to remove scratches from and to clean FRP parts, metals and painted surfaces.


For projects using Aqua-Buff 2000 apply as follows:

Spread Aqua-Buff 2000 Compound and Polish on the surface to be compounded with a brush or cloth, several square feet at a time using one-half the normal amount and mist the surface with water. Immediately machine buff with a clean, damp lamb's wool-type pad. Repeat the process to eliminate scratches from exceptionally hard surfaces. (Or if you haven't done so, first use Aqua-Buff 1000-F or 1000-W Fast-Cut Compound). Should the compound become dry while being buffed, re-wet again by misting the surface with water.

For best results, use machine buffers that generate at least 2500 rpm for Aqua-Buff products.

Here is a video with tips on how to apply Aqua-Buff

SDSAqua Buff 2000 SDS

TDSAqua Buff 2000 TDS

PDF Aqua-Buff Application Guide

PDF Aqua-Buff Trouble Shooting Guide

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