Airtech GS100 Tacky Tape 1" - Vacuum Bag Seal 25ft Roll

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Airtech GS100 Tacky Tape 1" -  Vacuum Bag Seal 1/8" x 1" 25ft Roll. GS-100 is a multi-purpose vacuum bag sealant tape that works well with composite or metal tools. This tape has a maximum use temperature of 375°F. If you are heating your parts it is recommended to let the tape cool down before removing.

 Multi-purpose tape is good with metal and composite tooling.
 Provides an excellent vacuum seal for efficient vacuum bagging.
 Tape is easy to use, making vacuum bagging faster.

Full case is 28 rolls. Order in multiples of 28 to receive full cases.

Material Characteristics  
Color: Reddish Brown
Base Material: Synthetic Rubber
Maximum Recommended Use Temperature 375°F/191°C
Shelf Life: 12 months from date of manufacture when stored at 72°F/22°C

SDSAirtech GS100 Tacky Tape SDS

TDSAirtech GS100 Tacky Tape TDS