Airtech AIRDRAW 2 Vacuum Bagging Film

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Linear Yard
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Per Linear Yard $ 8.88 $ 8.70 $ 8.41 $ 7.95 $ 7.48
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Per Linear Yard
Buy 5 - 9
Buy 10 - 24
Buy 25 - 49
Buy 50 - 99
Buy 100 or above
$ 8.88
$ 8.70
$ 8.41
$ 7.95
$ 7.48

AIRDRAW 2 Embossed Vacuum Bag Designed For Rapid Air Removal.

Airdraw 2 vacuum bagging film is embossed with a "cracked ice"pattern which allows for rapid air removal when placed under vacuum. The film has been formulated to provide increased stiffness to assist in maintaining a breathable pattern.

Airdraw 2 is not affected by environmental conditions and will not soften in high humidity, allowing superior breathability. It is designed primarily for ply compaction with the added benefits of not requiring a breather. It is embossed from one side of the film, under dose examination; the film has a flat side and a raised side. The outer surface of roll is the the raised side. For best results, place the raised side against the part surface on top of a perforated release film. 

Embossed pattern provides network of air passageways, eliminating need for separate layer of breather.
Improved stiffer formula keeps air path open resulting in better vacuum levels, faster.
Wide width makes compacting large parts even faster with no seams required.

    Test Method
Material type Polyamide compound  
Elongation at break 450% ASTM D 882
Tensile strength 55MPa ASTM D 882
Maximum use temperature 250°F (121°C)  
Flammability (self extinguishing) Yes  ATP-5034
Materials to avoid Phenolic resins/Strong oxidizers  
Color Pink  
Shelf Life Unlimited when stored in original packaging at  72°F (22°C)  


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